This is Phantasy Star Five: Fullyen's Curse, a project I was working on using a PPC 7500 and World Builder (now discontinued), a text adventure creator for the classic Mac. However, despite the editor working fine, games created with it do not work on the Mac. I will probably look for a different program to create it with that works on my Mac.

An overview of the world of PS5FC.

As you see, it is set on Parum. The idea was that Fullyen Curtz, the unfortunate android, would never actually get to the HIVE to fight the SEED. Instead the adventure would involve battling through the various places he is taken to on his quest to repair all the mechanical faults that happen.

Fullyen Curtz in all his glory, drawn on KidPix. I'm quite pleased with it, except for the gun looking like a plant pot.

The starting room.

The corridor. So far I have managed to get the Human standing outside to respond to being given the AMF Recruitment Flyers.

Outside the base.

A few text samples from rooms without pictures yet. I am planning to add a scene in which you are forbidden to go to the spaceship hangar because you have a faulty part, so you have to go to the GRM shop and speak to the manager to get a replacement. This may involve a fight with the manager.

When you finally get to the HIVE, this will bring you to the next series of maps. Your teleport drive breaks and you land up on Carsonville, Dezolis, Algol (a homage to Phantasy Star Adventure).

The items also have pictures. This is a Stack of AMF Recruitment Flyers, there should be a Photon Eraser (big gun, not stupid thing from Phantasy Star Universe) in here somewhere as well...