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Visually Stunning
Nosey Character

House Rabbits

House Rabbits is the title of a series of short cartoons drawn by Access Spacer Chris Shelton. They're great! Check out the (mis)adventures of ordinary office workers and an extraordinary array of daleks, aliens, escaped mink, butt-faces and rhinos. Just a normal day working with information technology, I guess...

Gorilla Cinema

Gorilla Cinema

Gorilla Cinema aims to provide and promote alternatives to the mainstream media machine. The unique combination of production capability and an independent distribution system make this a reality. Gorilla Cinema will bring you the films that otherwise you could not see. Entertainment is dangerous

Peak Media Peak Media

Peak Media is a growing new media production consultancy based in Sheffield working with Shockwave/Flash and video formats on the web.

Circuit Board

Know Future

An exhibition project in Access Space running from 23rd February - 25th March 2001. In the show six artists present photographic and printed artworks that look sideways at our ideas about the future. It may not be as clearcut as we're sometimes led to believe..

Cyber Avatar Shortdark

Shortdark is... words, images, bits of moving stuff, lots of still stuff mixed in with the words and the pictures and the moving stuff! Check out the cool invisible graphics (yes, I did say invisible graphics) and table coding that sends me wild. Ooohh!

Robot Dog


View the latest projects by this technological artist...

Lampshades Fine Design

Fine Design is a gateway through to information and images of work from local artists and designers. Email them if you're an artist of designer working in Sheffield, and make your mark on the site.

Fast Logo Fast & Bulbous

Check out Fast and Bulbous graphics originated at Access Space for Lazerbill, Sundaze, Dionysus Sound System and more. Now comprehensively restructured for extra mindzap!

VG Logo

Vertebrate Graphics

Vertebrate Graphics is a small (4 person) graphic design startup based in Sheffield. They're expanding quickly, and have an impressive list of clients. Don't suppose they're on the lookout for HTML handcoders...

Termite Logo


Designer Vicky Morris's new web design site, filled with informative graphics and text. Vicky uses this site to illustrate her teaching sessions.

Metal Reflections


Edspace combines photography and art neatly in one funky site.



One of our anonymous contacts celebrates his latest artistic triumph - seven works completed in one night - nine hours of high-speed painting.

In the Space
Access People

Opening Party

April 6th 2000! What relevence has this momentous date? It was when Access opened to the public! Weren't there at the beginning? Gain extra cred by checking out the opening party - then you can make out that you were there (just off camera) and have been involved with Access Space right from the start!



The Access Space Refurbishment in all its finery... See the rubble. Meet the people. Watch as the walls start to turn yellow!

Infoholics Synonymous
Paper Chain Protest


An unashamedly biased political site which contains information and opinion about anti-capitalism, anti-globalism and miscarriages of justice around the world (plus a few jokes to lighten the mood!). Essential reading for activitsts and other troublemakers.


D4 Maths

D4 is a programming language and user interface designed by Tony Goddard. With his extensive experience in "C" programming and a longstanding interest in mathematics he's created a powerful tool for hardcore maths & scripting. For light relief Tony's pages also include commentary & political blasts.

Alarmed Cow Veggie

This site certainly doesn't hold back on opinion: give up meat eating! According to its designer, Chris Shelton, animals are protein factories in reverse: 30kg of energy produces 1kg of energy to the meat eater. You get the picture. However, even diehard meat eaters will be interested in Chris's Javascript expertise.

Resists Categorisation
Sinister Face


Allright people have asked if we can give you a link from here to front line news well here it is ? Be warned it is taking time to download. Our team of smoked up tecnichons are onto this but this might take time as we are some what reluctant to take of the pic that is causeing this hassel. Paranoied read this... FREEDOM IS AN ATTITUDE!

Community Action
Asylum Seekers Welcome Here

Sheffield Refugee & Asylum Co-0perative

The Sheffield Refugee & Asylum Co-Operative is working with local people, churches and community organisations to set up collection points where you can bring any of the items desperately needed by asylum seekers and refugees in Sheffield. The Co-Operative distributes basic essentials donated by you - please get involved.

Victorian Broomhall


The web domain for the Broomhall Community. Loads of community info. Growing fast.



Shefftri is the under-construction site for the tri-athletes of Sheffield. For all your endurance needs!

Musical Mayhem
Audiolaceration Logo


Audiolaceration is a Sheffield-based record label with some varie and prominent acts. Look out for gigs and releases.

Red Eye Knights Logo

R.E.K. web

Red Eye Knights are a Sheffield-based hip-hop collective. See the site for more info including MC lyrics, pictures, biogs, links and gig dates.

Yellow Flower


The developing website of the incomparable Sundaze club nights. Slack off, chill out...

And if that wasn't enough...
Skip Raider

Slogans Run

Your chance to join the argument about the new LOWTECH.ORG T-shirts. These are sonme of the designs that haven't made it, but you can propose your own. If your design is chosen then it'll get printed and you'll get to see your design worn proudly on the chests of LOWTECH.ORG agents and associates everywhere! Think of the fame, the adulation, the street cred... Get designing NOW!

Clock Face


What's the time..? This little page illustrates an SHTML page that calls a simple server side Perl script. Whatever that means...



Xxxx xxx x xxxxxxx'x x xxxxxx,xxx xxx xxxxx xxx-xxxxxx xxxx. X'xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx, xxx xx xxxxxx xxxx xxxxx. X.X.X. - xxxxxxxxxxx! Xxxxx, xxx xxx xxxxx.



This Site has a few useful pieces of reference material for HTML coding - particularly handy if you've just been to an Access Space Web Workshop. If you can think of other resources that should be here email access@lowtech.org.

Tech Update

Tech Update

Updates and tips from the Access Space technical team. Essential reading for Access Spacers to get the most out of the network. When changes occur, read about it here. If you have a problem with the network, check this site out before bending everyone's ears!



The Community Electronics Recycling Project. This Sheffield-based project recycles PCs for resale to individuals, schools and community projects and also runs GNVQ level courses in computing and computer maintenance. At the moment their site is under construction, but taht shouldn't stop you gettig in touch with them for cheap recycled PCs and IT training.

Crummy Computer

Wak Graphics

This cryptic little site focuses on those crummy, dated graphics of computer hardware that turn up in small ads and old technology catalogues. I suspect that the page we see here now is preparation for a larger project...

Purple Thang


This funky little javascript drives a web chat interface. You can use this space to meet online and chat live (as long as you have a Java-enabled web browser). Use it, abuse it, we don't care, though please, keep it clean!


Common Women Logging On

Visit and read about artist Maya Chowdhry's project Common Women Logging On, bringing the voices of travelling women onto the web.

Round HTML Button

Neil's Portfolio Pyramid

Neil Ludlow is a mainly self-taught web developer who at this time is just starting to hone his modest skills. View this site for ideas on how to present your CV on-line, and the possibilities of our beloved web.

So you want your page to be featured on this site? Get down to Access Space and go upload crazy! Then email us and we'll connect your site. If you run out of webspace... we'll give you more. If you're not an Access Spacer then sorry - there are no external links on this page. But why not join us?

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