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arriet Lowe's work__** * Doan {{gallery>doan?120x120&showtitle&3&lightbox&400X400}} * Spaced_Out {{gallery>doan:spacedout?120x120&showtitle&3&lightbox&400X400}} * PSOffline {{gallery>doan:psoffline?120x120&showtitle&3&lightbox&400X400}} * [[|S
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====== Recycle Exhibitions ====== [[recycle_exhibitions:2007_12:rex|December 2007]] Not all the technology donated to Access Space can be salvaged and used in new systems. After a while, we tend to end up with small mountain ranges of towers, printers, disk drives, odds and pieces. So every so often we have to have a bit of a spring clean - but we think it'd be a wasted opportunity not to turn some silicon scrap into works of art while we're at it :-) === Christmas 2007 === {{gallery>recycle_exhibitions:2007_12?120x120&4&lightbox}} === (May) 2008 === {{gallery>recycle_exhibitions:2008_05?120x120&4&lightbox&80X80}}
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e 20 inches by 20 inches. {{gallery>20x20_2009?120x120&5&lightbox}} | 01. | Mike Howe | Elder Clark |//
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ants is that each artwork must measure 20 inches by 20 inches. {{gallery>20x20_2008?120x120&5&lightbox}}
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with the gallery function. {{gallery>namespace?120x120&showtitle&3&lightbox&450X450}} The ''120×120'' l
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tp://|]]. {{gallery>urbanmandala?120x120&4&lightbox}}
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