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The group ran several projects between 2004 and 2007, which had an increasing focus on facilitating au... Andy Abbott, from interview) Throughout 2006 and 2007 the group's work continued to show a focus on col... azed_and_confused_-_gallery_giveaway.gif|From the 2007 show Dazed and Confused – Gallery Giveaway}} (ht... n asserts that 'Ideas never stand alone' (Berkun, 2007. p7); using the model of a jigsaw puzzle to expla
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0_2008:20x20_2008|{{:arts:20x20-2008.jpg|}}]] == 2007 == [[20x20_2007:20x20_2007|20x20 2007]] [[20x20_2007:20x20_2007|{{:arts:20x20-2007.jpg|}}]] == 2006 === [[|
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e meeting on the following days:- * **25th Jan 2007 - Access Space - 6pm to 8pm** * **22nd Feb 2007 - Access Space - 6pm to 8pm** * **29nd March 2007 - Access Space - 6pm to 8pm** And we hope to... r first meeting, please send it to me by 15th Jan 2007. My address is: **50 Springfield Avenue, Chest
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====== [[recycle_exhibitions:2007_12:rex|December 2007]] Not all the technology donated to Access Space... works of art while we're at it :-) === Christmas 2007 === {{gallery>recycle_exhibitions:2007_12?120x12
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3ruthie2pt2.jpg?200|}}]] ==== Recycle Exhibition 2007 ==== [[rex07:recycle_exhibition_07|Recycle Exhibi... he mountains of techno-trash! ==== LOSS Livecode 2007 ==== Here's some additional documentation of the ... as organised by Access Space in Sheffield in July 2007. The main festival website is here: [[http://live
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001609.html]] [[]] [[http://w... t/archives/19]] [[]] [[http://blo...]] [[
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Exhibition ====== ===== Access Space, September 2007 ===== //The Opening of the Open Source Embroide... ry Exhibition took place on Friday, 7th September 2007 at Access Space. Documentation here soon!// {{ga
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====== 20x20 2007 ====== The "20x20" exhibitions at Access Space are completely open submission. The on
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====== Recycle Exhibition Christmas 2007 ====== Not all the technology donated to Access Space can be sa
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====== LOSS Livecode July 2007: Gallery 2 ====== //Here's another gallery of images from the [[http://l
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