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20x20 2009

The “20×20” exhibitions at Access Space are completely open submission. The only brief for participants is that each artwork must measure 20 inches by 20 inches.

01. Mike Howe Elder Clark This work is made from recycyled computer cases.
02. Jacqui James Snail
03. Trevor Tomlin Occular Pressure
04. Patrick Gillender A Tree
05. James Wallbank May 1995 - The Future of Interactivity The image is collaged squares from a 1995 technology magazine, “The Edge”. Back then there was a lot of talk about the internet being “democratic” and “revolutionary” - but there followed a decade of “get rich quick” business as usual online. Now that revolutionary, democratizing spirit is re-emerging. I felt the image of Che Guevara was really appropriate to express this. It's also an iconic image in the public domain.
06. Vicky Harding Cow in a Pasture
07. Isabella Withington Self Portrait
08. Sunshine Gray 3L1 ND
09. Kate Vale Sa sem stirs hjarta minu
10. Steve Withington & Mike Futcher Monkey Pau Pau is a playing piece (the cannon) in Xiang Qi, or Chinese Chess.
11. Richard Bolam Portrait of the Artist as a Flickr Search
12. Kay Aitch Relationship Dynamic This piece expressed some very personal feelings and thoughts.
13. Shelley Iqbal Skeletal Forms
14. Abi Goodman Gumshoe It's made from chewing gum. I was standing at the bus stop, looking at the chewing gum spots on the ground, and the idea just came to me. The different colours are different flavours of gum.
15. Carlos Barcode Priapic SpamBot Brunch Once again Barcode plumbs the depths of Anarchosimianism. In this piece he tantalises the viewer with hints of paranoid delusion on the cusp of flowering into a rainbow explosion of colour only to be thwarted and remain dark black and metallic.
16. Helen Purdie Leaden Hill Leaden Hill is in Cambridgeshire, near to where I grew up. It was the result of a huge amount of walking this Summer. I usually don't make pieces that are so minimal, but this just emerged from the mood and the name of the place.
17. Natasha Withington Self Portrait
18. John Moseley a painting by ArtBot To make this piece I built ArtBot, an autonomous painting robot, using recycled electronics and an Arduino controller board. ArtBot is not just a mechanism; as it roves over the painting it can see what it's already painted and responds to it. Whenever ArtBot's out of paint, it waves its brush and I refill its paint pot.
19. John Keenan Web 3.0 “The purpose of a Dreamcatcher is to catch bad dreams in the web while good dreams pass through the hole at the centre. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could design a World Wide Web that would trap all the hate, porn and violent images, and allow through only beauty, the truth and wisdom.” (As well as twigs, this dreamcatcher is made from wires and components recovered from old computers.)
20. Jake Harries Some_really_nice_times_with_Clare_on_holiday_in_Brittany.xml
21. Emma Woodrow Weird Gardens
22. Rachel Roddis untitled This is an orchid, painted in oils. I don't always paint flowers, I just paint what I like. I really liked this orchid.
23. Matthew & Helena Eggleton Boy+Auntie+ArtBox= This is an abstract seascape. But it may be accidental. There are prawns and several waves. I was just having fun.
24. Tony Goddard Five Platonic Solids These are isometric projections of the five regular solids which have equal sides, equal faces and equal angles.
25. Harriet Lowe Parallel 6
26. Emma Woodrow Covehyth Tree
27. James Price drawing a blank
28. Richard Bakewell Tanks, Flames and Smoke - 28th March 2003: Iraq I noticed that when the tanks were firing, they kicked up so much smoke they couldn't see anything. Only when the guns were silent was the view clear. I was also thinking about camouflage - when you're wearing camouflage you don't want to be seen - it's a negation of your image, of your humanity.
29. Lee Campbell Gorillaz
30. Emma Woodrow Recollection
31. Chris Shelton untitled
32. Dan Kahn Crash
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