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e of a **program** or a shell **keyword**. It may also contain **options** - or switches - for the progr... ous distinction, however **GUI** applications may also be run from the shell, at which point it all begi... htm|]] You can also find out more by searching for [[http://www.googl... logic that goes into a proper computer program. Also, shells feature powerful **globbing**, meaning th
black_dogs_case_study:start: 7 Hits
such as //Dazed and Confused – Gallery Giveaway// also showing an irreverent and subversive attitude to ... vidual's intermediate core/periphery position can also be observed at a team level, when the same indivi... 2007 and submitted work for Situation Leeds I had also been working with Dave at Leeds college. I was on... ity. Andy informed me this was something that was also being raised by other collaborators and that BDs
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ing games and [[games_group:diplomacy]]. Curry is also a factor. ,,, *Not that there is anything wrong... ould take a couple of minutes to fill it out! It also contains some art work that I have been creating ...|Sheffield: poetry and film]] I also work on a blog about statistics and spanish footb... u're interested in LOSS Livecode, you'll probably also be interested in the [[http://loss.access-space.o
stretch:start: 5 Hits
slideshow program can show (the slide show could also be run from the screen savers on some machines?) ... eople that work with street drinkers etc. but its also connected to needs I've had whilst try to work th... d leave a message that is added to the blog). - Also writing recording and generally telling somebody/... ill relevant posts from Facebook and twitter, but also from organisations internal software to reduce du
deedah:deedah: 4 Hits
lunatics and heroes. [*] By coincidence this is also a Hollywood film starring Angelina Jolie. ===== ... table slogan - **strength through nuts**. Jake is also known for his musical projects with the Apt Gets,... and pervert, Dan is the creator of Zontar. He is also famous for the following quote: //Rocket Science ... ath by passively absorbing popular culture. See also Soap Dodger. ===== The Matilda ===== The Matil
filmgroup:user-content_website_review_for_film-makers: 4 Hits
explosion in a film, this is where to find it. Also several Creative Commons Licence films (you can r... u don't use it for commercial purposes). You can also put your films on it if they're Creative Commons ... you can upload videos. Watch out though... "You also hereby grant //each user of the YouTube Website//... -uploaded video, but limeted to animations. They also give 10% of their revinue from internet advertisi
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sca met up in the village of Axbridge, where they also met a priest called Bretwald. He took them on an ... rest in what had happened to them in the tomb. He also claims that a potion they picked up has the power... st inside the main doors. Exploring further, they also find that traps had been changed. Cohen and Franc
soundbox:soundbox: 3 Hits
alled __soundbox__. (For consistency reasons it's also called __mewtwo__.) You can connect to it and pla... o the server (like you do to play tracks) you can also use the same server to copy stuff across the netw... Please be considerate to the tastes of others and also be aware that many people are involved in tasks t
if:interactive_fiction_group: 3 Hits
programming before you can get started. There are also a bunch of systems which used to be heavily used,... nsequences) as add-ons (called libraries). We can also make our own and share them. * Most new languag... cripted pattern of movement for the alien. I have also been experimenting with some maths to make a simp
minutes_200804: 3 Hits
d 15%-20% of Access Spacers. These workshops will also be open to other spacers as well.** ===== 2. PAC... nt install procedure for every workstation. We're also looking to make our own Debian software mirror, w... nly** think about how to raise funds, we should **also** think about alternative models for how to get w
blender:blenderintro: 3 Hits
Far ===== My first model was of a simple man i also made him move using animation . It's not very goo... nloaded blender try to build youf own model. I've also created hair but i've still got to add to it, it needs to be more life like and also needs more layers to make if look real. I've had help from Tony
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