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Apcalypse is a board game in which each player attempts to take over the world using a combination of their own military and the occasional nuclear missile. Very fun for poeple who enjoy strategical games, or want to try their hand at negotiation.

Game Rules

The game is played on a pre-prepared map of Europe and northern Africa and each player is granted control of a number of cities, decided randomly. A variety of tiles allow you to raise armies at different rates, and have other effects as well. Destroying other armies grants you control of a one stage nuclear missile, or to increase the range of one you already possess. Nuclear missiles destroy the army they land on, as well as any surrounding armies, and render the tile they land on useless unless a player decides to forego their attacking phase in order to clean up the 'wasteland' tiles around them. Whether an army wins or loses against an opposing army is determined by dice rolls.

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