This is the place where Access Space participants (Spacers) create wikified web content.


Getting Started

After meeting with Access Space participants or Spacers, including Harriet, Steve, John and Mike, we formulated a plan for our residency. During our stay in September '08 we looked at work by Spacers and allowed it to shape what we did. Working with just with simple DHTML - images, text, sound, html and javascript - we manipulated and remixed the work. As we worked we created notated code templates to be recycled and reused by anyone who is able to patch together an html page.

Harriet and Doan

Harriet's online comicDOAN takes its name from its central character. DOAN is a minor character of ‘Chrono Trigger’, an old Super Nintendo game, who acts as a guide to a post-apocalyptic future world.

Click on the thumbnail images to view reworkings of the images, sounds, phrases and philosophical concepts explored in DOAN. They use redirection, zoom and random, recycled javascripts to create recursive framesets and other time-based experiments with narratives.

But the future refused to change- safe and unsafe versions

Apocalypse and disturbances in the space-time continuum are recurring themes in DOAN. These remixes use recursive framesets with timed redirection scripts to enact an 'apocalypse' within the browser by increasing the load on the viewers machine until it seizes up. The left hand thumbnail links to a safe view on the apocalypse. The right hand thumbnail links to a page that is programmed to recur infinitely but will eventually crash your browser.

Ruth's remix
Harriet's re-remix with sound

The recursive frameset becomes a lot more interesting with the addition of simple sounds. These quickly produce musical patterns determined by lag on the network and the power of the viewer's computer.

harriet_f_r_safe.jpg harriet_f_r_unsafe.jpg download the Recursive Frameset With Sound code template


hidden_black.jpg download the Hidden code template

(this script uses recycled script-trash - still needs some work to function fully as intended)


The world is suddenly displaying in black and white- why?

zoom.jpg download the Zoom code template

(there seems to be a problem with this script on the Access Space computers)

John - Not-Sheffield

John has been creating slideshows for various public events at Access Space. This image is one from his Not-Sheffield series slideshow. This displays a series of images collected using an image search engine using Sheffield as a search term, that are not connected with Sheffield in South Yorkshire. We used a simple slideshow javascript to cycle through the images so that the collection can be viewed over the Internet.



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