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black_dogs_case_study:start: 27 Hits
ase study is part of my MA in Creative Enterprise at Leeds Met. I want to create an ongoing dialogue a... 2003 in Leeds as a means to make art in the city at a self-organised level. Membership changes on a p... focus is reflected by the positioning of concepts at the core of their practice, with diverse media us... Even at this early stage, the group had an interest in ho
games_group:dw_log: 17 Hits
eletons.// ==== 1st June ==== //Leave a message at the ruins of the fortress. Travel to the elves. E... and Erik survivors.// ==== 18th May ==== Amazed at the incongruous offer of refreshments all the cha... y they make their way West again, catching sight, at the end of the day, of an ominous pall of smoke s... book, healed.// ==== 23rd March ==== //Arrived at the Holy Well. Fought Numerous Zombies! Encounter
if:source: 15 Hits
, Communications Officer and Weapons Operator sit at their seats, but everyone is dead. Aliens ate the... ----------- -- objects THE spacesuit Isa OBJECT AT nowhere. NAME spacesuit IS WEARABLE. DESCRIPTI... D VERB. END THE spacesuit. THE alien Isa ACTOR at nowhere. NAME alien. is not takeable. is shootabl... e, and as you prod it with a stick it just swipes at you for 2 points of damage." set health of hero t
script:santa: 15 Hits
> **Gash:** but HE's fucked up as well //(points at the judge)// **Judge:** Silance in court! **San... > **Floater:** fucking creeping round kids rooms at night like Gary Glitter **Gash:** we need black ... the Mullahs? some new band? **Santa:** (looking at the charges) err - this red coat... **Gash:** co... look lets try him quickly and then kill him! //(at this point the camera angle resembles a security-
games_group:diplomacy: 13 Hits
isted below in reverse order, so the last move is at the TOP of this page. ===== Game 1 ===== Englan... heir more unruly brothers. * Kaiser Jim, whilst at a digital inclusion symposium, demanded that all ... s is merely a rumour.) Carlos Barcodi announced, "At last the inheritors of Rome now own the fig roll ... p awash with blood. * The English were too busy at a barbecque === Orders === England: * Fleet B
stretch:start: 13 Hits
machine / screensaver that displays what going on at the access space what is playing on the soundbox ... interventions is taken by anyone, unless a worker at one of the charities goes outside of their remit ... ne worked on the same data. Now I'm wondering if at least at the moment I'm being too complex. **Th... ing Out' and issues to do with access to children at the same time the advisers they need would be di
shellstuff:shellstuff: 12 Hits
his is similar to **mp3**, and playable on any PC at **Access Space**, or on a **Windows** PC using th... UI** applications may also be run from the shell, at which point it all begins to come together. If y... is not very informative to you or anyone looking at your photos. You could go through and rename the... t is possible to easily operate on a set of files at once (such as all **JPEG** images.) Below is an
wiki:syntax: 10 Hits
ay use when editing the pages. Simply have a look at the source of this page by pressing the //Edit this page// button at the top or bottom of the page. If you want to try something, just use the [[play... Note that the two backslashes are only recognized at the end of a line\\ or followed by\\ a whitespace... te that the two backslashes are only recognized at the end of a line\\ or followed by\\ a whitespa
games_group:werewolf: 9 Hits
esting to play, but all participate in the voting at the end of the day. ===== Potential Villagers ==... s, other than their voting rights for who to kill at the end of the day. === Werewolf === The werewolv... me. Sometimes they can choose one person and look at their card without their knowledge, or is only permitted to look at the cards of the persons to either side of them. Should one of the poeple who the
start: 8 Hits
there is anything wrong with computer games. Look at my work to see what a great source of artistic in... ifgroup_logo.png?150 |IF Group}}]] Several people at Access Space are already interactive fiction auth... contains some art work that I have been creating at Access Space which takes paintings I've done in t... |{{:house_in_nether_edge.jpg|}}]] At Access Space, I like to experiment with digital a
black_dogs_case_study:appendix_1_-_questions_sent_to_the_group: 7 Hits
I am studying the new MA in Creative Enterprise at Leeds Met and have chosen to write my case study ... f you’d like to have a further discussion with me at this stage, please contact me at cassie_hot_mama@... I am studying the new MA in Creative Enterprise at Leeds Met and have chosen to write my case study ... owing questions. Please email your response to me at the email address below. My deadline is very shor
minutes_200804: 7 Hits
creative workshops that are particularly targeted at people with Asperger's, who represent around 15%-... e system for users. //Rich/ James to report back at next user meeting.// ** We're upgrading the syst... at you first had in mind" model. I suggested that at my __workshop workshop__ we should **not only** t... to run a Python workshop as it has been requested at the last two user meetings, however this may prov
if:trap01.alan: 7 Hits
ND THE pit. ---------------- THE chest ISA OBJECT AT room. DESCRIPTION "Aha! This one ... ou tumble downwards." LOCATE hero AT pit. MAKE hero wet. END V... CHEST. ---------------- THE chainmail ISA OBJECT AT nowhere. IS wearable. IS WEIGHT 2... hainmail. ---------------- THE lantern ISA OBJECT AT nowhere. NAME lantern. IS WEIGHT
show_and_tell:start: 6 Hits
bookmark_2thin.jpg?500|}} **EVERY FOURTH FRIDAY AT ACCESS SPACE \\ 3-4PM \\ EVERYONE WELCOME, HOT DR... == By day Alan Dawson is a network administrator at a local education provider, by night community IT... nd coming exhibition 'Portland Works', to be held at the Access space in May. [[http://portlandworks.... ical Technology Collective and was first launched at the Front Line Club in London, in December 2009 w
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