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black_dogs_case_study:start: 4 Hits
'Spacers'. Access Space is a community media lab, based on recycled hardware, open source software and a ... st that the open membership and changing, project-based roles and teams of Black Dogs have facilitated hi... various locations in the UK and the world but is based in Leeds. Formed in Leeds in 2003 as a means to ... y of the original 6 there is now also a hierarchy based on geography, you could say a practical hierarchy
stretch:start: 3 Hits
e which presents a random selection (or selection based on most actively edited or anything else we can g... dition.** I'm thinking this is basically a 'web based log' (I use the full term cos that what I mean ra... rebral palsy. have to admit I'm not sure what yet but I think it has to be communication / writing based.
pyramid_games: 2 Hits
==== Pyramid Games ====== //A collection of games based aroud pyramids were brought in, but we only manag... yer who wins is the one who earns the most points based on how many pieces of the various sizes they have
games_group:chess_championship_2009: 2 Hits
it's free) and familiarise yourself with its turn-based online chess. Email Steve Withington (steve@deeda... The Championship ===== The Championship will be based on an all-play-all system. The top two players wi
start: 2 Hits
cool to start an [[if:interactive fiction group]] based around the **ALAN3** programming language. </WRAP... g/spaced_out|Spaced Out]] - Interactive web comic based in the Access Space in a surreal alternate dimens
shellstuff:shellstuff: 2 Hits
animations found online these days are **Flash** based, there is still a niche for the [[wp>Animated GIF... makis is a hacker, photographer and essay writer, based in Sheffield. Some of the stuff he makes can be f
if:source: 1 Hits
<code> -- This alan file is a space station based alien hunt -- (well, random surreal interaction with a
gallery_howto: 1 Hits
. - The ''lightbox'' turns on a pretty javascript-based slideshow. The ''450X450'' sets the size of image
cards: 1 Hits
d it. They also added a great amount of word-play based humour and references to D&D stories and other fi
if:modhero: 1 Hits
setup:setup: 1 Hits
show_and_tell:start: 1 Hits
frastructure that facilitates autonomous and peer based communications. Slides from Alan's presentation
if:break.i: 1 Hits
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