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had a impact on this. Arguably, it would not have been sufficient to use members of the group as gatekee... the information used to write this case study has been taken from my interview with Andy Abbott and the ... occasional publications. Much of our activity has been driven by a DIY ethos and attitude; if the infras... t and that ethos is something that Black Dogs has been born out of” (Andy Abbott, from interview) I arg
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us turned up, and showed some of the ideas we've been working on. * We looked into a full install of ... into an IF story. === DECEMBER === * James has been looking into ALAN3 more, and working on an intera... racked random placement of objects. * Harriet's been working on an "alien hunt" in a spaceship. While ... ed pattern of movement for the alien. I have also been experimenting with some maths to make a simple co
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ozaz. He was the founder of Urbanparanoia and has been instrumental in formulating Unweshed ideology. I... z//. ===== Access Space ===== Access Space has been called the //Cradle of Deedahism//[*]. Originally... nor planet outside the orbit of Pluto. Would have been a key inspiration for the Deedahist movement... if Carlos Barcode and others had been aware of her. The followers of Eris are [[
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ion seeking to subdue the wildlands. She has just been rescued from the clutches of a band of orcs, but ... Initially venal and treasure-hungry, Bretwald has been changed by his experience of death, and seems wis... nished after the events in Hobbes' Dell, but has been found again and is returning to his main centre o... Exploring further, they also find that traps had been changed. Cohen and Francesca climbed a chamber th
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zzling fascist **Pagan:** those deer should have been roaming free with the oppressed ethnic minorities... he most deprived areas of Sheffield, mothers have been forced to sell their drugs in order to buy toys f... look fuck the turkeys **Pagan:** has been known **Gash:** the pigs'll be here soon **Paga... What's going on? **Pagan:** I don't know! We've been trapped in here for about a month, now! **Floate
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e_Angry_Brigade But our righteous anger has long been placated by well marketed promises of ‘ethical co... that the corporate/shareholder/middle class have been in active revolt against the rest of humanity for... acy, stress inducing SAT;s and league tables have been introduced to try and make it look like any failu... heir CVs. ===== Shop Till They Drop ===== We’ve been trying to make something amazing happen in Sheffi
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out! It also contains some art work that I have been creating at Access Space which takes paintings I'... === Who's Writing About Access Space? ==== We've been searching online to see who's been writing about
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e deadline. Correct orders are below. The map has been revised - press reload on your browser if you're ... naval engagements. Further neutral countries have been annexed by their more powerful neighbours. German... he French fleet nor Britain's Southern Fleet have been able to occupy the contested waterway. * Gener
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RD BAKEWELL - ARTIST/ART HISTORIAN I have always been interested in landscape ever since I was able to ... ITION: Images of the Peak District in Winter have been made by using Photoshop on an AppleMac computer. The landscape has been reduced to pixel squares of pure black and white. Landscape nourishes our se
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