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Tom's Blender Research


Blender if you didn't know is a 3D graphical design program and can be used to build games and cartoon animation . It can be downloaded for free at . I made this web page for my work experience. I had never used blender before ,the first time you use it , it looks very confusing but after you've had a play with blender,you will pick up how to use it fairly quickly and what most of the buttons do.

What I've Done So Far

My first model was of a simple man i also made him move using animation . It's not very good ,but it's a good start for my first model. If you've downloaded blender try to build youf own model. I've also created hair but i've still got to add to it, it needs to be more life like and also needs more layers to make if look real. I've had help from Tony down here and the blender web page which tells you what every button does and shows you how to build anything you want. I wanted to try to get two objects to collide using the game engine, i found it very hard to do this but i managed this after a couple of days. Now after learning how to make objects collide with each other, i've built a two player racing game, a big problem with that was the camera could only show one part of the track so that for most of the game you would have to guess the track I used the animation tools to make the camera follow one of the cars but that created a new problem you couldn't see the other car if it wasn't just infront or to the side of the first car. I've tried to set up another camera to follow the other car but couldn't get the game to work in two windows at the same time

What Next

tom cockayne 2007/03/29 15:42

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