Table of Contents

Blind Drawing

What is it?

This is an activity we've been doing in Access Space. We invite two people draw each other simultaneously. The catch is that they can't see the paper! We use a pair of old computer cases on our coffee table to shield the paper. Each drawer reaches under the case, feels for the paper and pen, and gets drawing. Usually people give up after a minute or two. Obviously, it's hard to keep track of where you're up to, so some people go for the “ten second cartoon” approach.

The results can be hilarious - and strangely, they often look incredibly like the subject person.

The Directional Graphs

Using the data collected on who drew who we created these interesting directional graphs. Try clicking and dragging the nodes - you can “shake out” the connections between people. Cicking on a name shows you who has drawn whom. (Clicking on the icon at the bottom left reveals everybody and can be toggled on and off.)

The Actual Drawings

We've scanned all the drawings now, but we've yet to put the results online. Our eventual plan is to incorporate the drawings into the network graph.