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es. Simply have a look at the source of this page by pressing the //Edit this page// button at the top... a paragraph, you can use two backslashes followed by a whitespace or the end of line. This is some te... nly recognized at the end of a line\\ or followed by\\ a whitespace \\this happens without it. This... y recognized at the end of a line\\ or followed by\\ a whitespace \\this happens without it. You sh
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morning they set off west again, still mystified by how such a civilized and unfortified manor can ex... discover they're being followed through the woods by a substantial number of invisible figures, which ... which they notice is inhabited. Pressing on west, by nightfall the characters find themselves camping ... d midnight, the party are amazed to be approached by a butler who offers them a tray of drinks, "With
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====== Black Dogs Case Study ====== by Cassandra Kill This case study is part of my MA in Creative E... s was designed as a questionnaire to be completed by individual members and emailed back to me directl... naire) The group's political focus is reflected by the positioning of concepts at the core of their ... ive framework as various techniques can be shared by individual members as best suits each project:
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. Patrick Gillender - A Tree **Collected 3rd Nov by JW JW** 05. James Wallbank - May 1995 - The Future of Interactivity **Collected 4th Nov by RL JW** 06. Vicky Harding – Cow in a Pasture **Collected 5th November by SW JW**07. Isabella Withington - Self Portrait **Bought by Graham Estop 5th Nov JW... a sem stirs hjarta minu **Collected 5th November by SW JW**10. Steve Withington & Mike Futcher - Monk
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fine guides which do this, and they may be found by simply doing a web search. Searching for help, h... which already has a GUI desktop running. This is by using a //terminal emulator//. The other way is t... s. If you want to open a **tty**, you can do this by pressing **Ctrl-Alt-F2**. This will throw you in... working directory//, you can type ''cd'' followed by a space and the name of the directory you wish to
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Steve is alive and well. (The assination attempt by one of his mistresses is merely a rumour.) Carlos... CORRECTION Generalissiso Steve did submit orders by email well in time for the deadline. Correct orde... me Minister Daniel roared 'We will not stand idly by as the vodka swilling bears of Russia overrun us.... fell through when they were NEEEDLESSLY assaulted by a combined force of Russia and Austro-Hungary. Wh
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sage that said ‘you’re being robbed of your lives by a mega-machine that offers entertainment in place... the first 100 Middle Class..Phone lines operated by The(South Yorkshire branch of) The Angry Brigade.... e But our righteous anger has long been placated by well marketed promises of ‘ethical consumerism’ a... akes something on credit new ‘money’ is generated by the banks. We know it sounds ludicrous, but this
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obligations too you know)). This can be achieved by finishing off a half written webpage that grabs i... oups.** With no central worker or central control by the users of services it is not currently likely ... street drinkers needs and interventions is taken by anyone, unless a worker at one of the charities g... tic view of everything that is being done to help by everybody including the client. ==== Eureka? (La
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pt to keep a very brief log of the action session by session. ==== The Characters ==== === Player Ch... al and treasure-hungry, Bretwald has been changed by his experience of death, and seems wiser. Now spe... ut find few treasures. Upon exiting, they are met by a small lad of a similar age to Cohen, calling hi... ut into the wild lands and on the way are waylaid by magical creatures, ranging from dragon monks to f
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= Viking Mathematician in Flooded Carpark ===== by Eric Winnert, Henry Withington and Steve Withingt... image}} {{:gimp_tennis:tony_02.jpg|first changes by Steve Withington}} {{:gimp_tennis:tony_03.jpg| second change by Eric Winnert}} {{:gimp_tennis:tony_04.jpg| third changes by Steve Withington}} {{:gimp_tennis:tony_05.jpg| fourth changes by Henry Withington}} {{:gimp_tennis:tony_06.jpg| fifth cha
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]] An archive of the various login screen created by Access Space participants. Thanks to Martyn for i... creative projects involving technology, followed by lively discussion. Show and Tell is every fourth ...|Doan]] - sprite comic inspired by Chrono Trigger and other classic video games. ... e too much. Hey, Pretentious - make new documents by making links! </WRAP> <WRAP box bgyellow left> *
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echnology media lab for lunatics and heroes. [*] By coincidence this is also a Hollywood film starrin... ==== The domination of artspace or similar area by Deedahists. A recent example of this would be the... ng Stylesheets. The Hank toy was reputedly stolen by an eight year old anarchist who refuses to allow ... m voluntarily initiates a slow form of braindeath by passively absorbing popular culture. See also S
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using the same energy to insist we are being made by it. If you have illicit ideas and intentions of y... tenment our Earth, our Mother, has been exploited by the caretakers of her earth. Our evolution was a... r in which capitalist functionality is suffocated by the presence of the marvellous. Moments of connec... da proved that it was possible to heal sick trees by raising their electrical currents back to normal
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yeah? **Santa:** One of my reindeer was attacked by a demented weathercock. **Liberal:** And? What ... urs! <del>**ape:** beware of false their blonde dreadlocks ye shall know them</del> ... ordinary paupers are driven into debt every year by the need to buy worthless soon-to-be-landfill for... ltimately, the cost of Yuletide Landfill is borne by the very weakest in society. On some council est
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