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Card Games

Occasionally, a pre-prepared card game is brought in by a one of the participants. If you've got any yourselves, bring it in and show it to us.


Munchkin is a game in which the creators took Dungeons and Dragons, simplified it, shortened it, turned it into a card game, and then abridged it. They also added a great amount of word-play based humour and references to D&D stories and other films and books. The aim of the game is to reach level 10, and to prevent other people from doing so. Extra rules are available, but the basics of it are that if it doesn't say no, you can do it. A 4-person short game can last around an hour, but people will be entertained throughout. Comes in many different varieties for nearly any given setting.


Fluxx is a game in which the rules of the game change nearly every time a card is played. There isn't even a way to win until someone plays a goal card. This may sound confusing, but it's fun to see other people struggle with where the rules are at the moment. Also released with many different versions, and each of them is loaded with references to films, books and music, as well as humour of their own. It's also very easy to learn to play, as every rule for each card is given on the card. Games generally take around 10 to 15 minutes.