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====== Campaign Against Primate Change ====== This project is one of many manifestations of the undergrou... ntious Artist launch The Campaign Against Primate Change.. As working class (high-primates)we are tired of hearing about Climate Change (the over consumption of the priviledged classes). From the evolution ... world of Barbarism. The Campaign Against Primate Change is not another victim of political correctness, w
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====== Two ====== ===== Viking Mathematician in Flooded Carpark ===== by Eric Winnert, Henry Withington and Steve Withington Started 01/12/09 {{:gimp_tennis:tony_01.jpg|original image}} {{:gimp_tennis:tony_02.jpg|first changes by Steve Withington}} {{:gimp_tennis:tony_03.jpg| second change by Eric Winnert}} {{:gimp_tennis:tony_04.jpg| third changes by Steve Withington}} {{:gimp_tennis:tony_05.jpg| fourth changes by Henry Withington}} {{:gimp_tennis:tony_06.jpg| fifth change by Eric Winnert}} {{:gimp_tennis:tony_07.jpg| sixth change by Steve Withington}} {{:gimp_tennis:tony_08.jpg| seventh change by Eric Winnert}} {{:gimp_tennis:tony_09.jpg| final change by Steve Withington}} Completed 01/12/2009
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====== Four ====== {{:gimp_tennis:stonehenge_01.jpg| original image}} {{:gimp_tennis:stonehenge_02.jpg| first change by Eileen}} {{:gimp_tennis:stonehenge_03.jpg| second change by Ruthie}} {{:gimp_tennis:stonehenge_04.jpg| third change by Steve}} {{:gimp_tennis:stonehenge_05.jpg| fourth change by Eileen}}
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ssword wrong. Try again! - **''cd'' to music**. Change into the music directory by typing ''cd music'' a... you see a directory name that looks interesting, change into it: ''cd MusicName'' * **Top Tip:** You ... allowed to share with your friends. A refreshing change, eh? For a start off, check this out: [[http://... o go up in tens - 00, 10, 20, 30 etc. Then if you change your mind and want to put in a track between two
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====== One ====== Started 28/11/09 {{:gimp_tennis:reef_01.jpg|original image}} {{:gimp_tennis:reef_02.jpg|first changes by Steve Withington}} {{:gimp_tennis:reef_03.jpg|second change by Ruthie}} {{:gimp_tennis:reef_04.jpg| third change by Steve Withington}} {{:gimp_tennis:reef_05.jpg| fourth change by Yonas Gebermdhin}} {{:gimp_tennis:reef_06.jpg| fifth change by Ruthie}}
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n which this reduced the work's ability to affect change in the audience. “The way we started to get inte... viewpoint from which to judge the BDs process of change. All the best with the MA Steve **from Andy
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_0alpha5.linux.x86.tgz|here]], but it's likely to change as the version number increases. * For Linux,... v3/alanlib0_6_1dev.tgz|here]], but it's likely to change as the version number increases. * Look for t
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colours. * For fine tuning of selection you can change the threshold (by default it is 15). Double click
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kuwiki|Download DokuWiki]] :!: * [[doku>changes|Change Log]] * [[doku>Install|How to install or upgrad
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