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Chess is a game which was created many thousand years ago. However it is still analyzed and researched and we still do not know everything about chess, which makes it even more competing as a sport. In todays article we will analyze a few lines i have discovered recently playing against Fritz . After the initial moves 1 d4 Nf6 2Nf3 e6 The machine suprised me and played 3 Bg5!? . The most common opening choice is 3 c4 The queens gambit. The text pins the knight . I have played sonmething like 3.. a5? and ended up in a difficult position. After doing some research in the game database i have found that a good answer to this move is 3..h6! after which white can choose if he wants to exchange the bishop or perhaps keep it. It is worth noting that 4 Bh4 g5! 5 Bg3 Ne4 wins the advantage of the 2 bishops but whites compensation is perfectly sufficient. Another interesting line i have encountered is the french e4 e6 d4 d5 e5 b6!? aiming at immediately swapping off the bishops because of rather enormous amount of material and limited amount of time i will take a look at these lines soon

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