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 +Chess is a game which was created many thousand years ago. However it is still analyzed and researched and we still do not know everything about chess, which makes it even more
 +competing as a sport. In todays article we will analyze a few lines i have discovered recently playing against Fritz . After the initial moves 1 d4 Nf6 2Nf3 e6 The machine suprised me and played 3 Bg5!? . The most common opening choice is 3 c4 The queens gambit. The text pins the knight . I have played sonmething like 3.. a5? and ended up in a difficult position. After doing some research in the game database i have found that a good answer to this move is 3..h6! after which white can choose if he wants to exchange the bishop or perhaps keep it. It is worth noting that 4 Bh4 g5! 5 Bg3 Ne4 wins the advantage of the 2 bishops but whites compensation is perfectly sufficient.
 +Another interesting line i have encountered is the french e4 e6 d4 d5 e5 b6!? aiming at immediately swapping off the bishops because of rather enormous amount of material and limited amount of time i will take a look at these lines soon
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