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Cyanotype Workshops


After the success of the pinhole camera/ cyanotype printing workshops Barbara and Rob very kindly decided to leave us the UV lamp and cyanotype emulsion so we can carry on experimenting with printing.

From 25/11/09 all the equipment needed for cyanotype printing will be available 11-7 every Wednesday. We will provide good quality paper but if you want to print on t-shirts, fabric or specialist paper you will have to bring those yourself.

In addition to the cyanotype workshops Steve is running drop in GIMP help sessions every Wednesday. This could be helpful if you want to turn your photos/drawings/images into accetate negatives which can then be printed using the cyanotype method.

We have the UV lamp until Barbara and Rob return. So the printing workshops will run until mid January.

If you would like to have a go at printing but weren't involved in the previous workshops you are still very welcome to learn the techniques and have a go. Ruthie will be around every Wednesday and can provide tuition for new printers.

Weekly Progress

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