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Deedahism is an art movement that began in the post-industrial wasteland of Sheffield in the late 1980s. Various Anarcho-tribalist groups of the time (such as Urbanparanoia and the Unweshed) began to experiment in a variety of mediums. It is the aim of this document to bring enlightenment to the many hungry souls eager to embrace Deedahism in all its multi-faceted glory.


Deedahist artist formerly known as Mozaz. He was the founder of Urbanparanoia and has been instrumental in formulating Unweshed ideology.

Incidentally 0742 is the old area code for Sheffield.

Aaron the Shoplifting Vegan Monkey

A character from the Chronicles of Zomaz.

Access Space

Access Space has been called the Cradle of Deedahism[*]. Originally yoga-fanatic and would-be astronaut James Wallbank created the space as a place where creative people could meditate and access space! Over the years the space has morphed into a creative recycled technology media lab for lunatics and heroes.

[*] By coincidence this is also a Hollywood film starring Angelina Jolie.


The Anarchosimians are a twentyfirst century manifestation of the Deedahist principle of monkey power. Western consumerists have become so drained of free-thought that only apekind can initiate the necessary revolution.


The philosophy of the Anarchosimians.

The Anarchosimian Brotherhood

This twentyfirst century subgrouping of Deedahists reject soap and call for Mooreen's Gamma Phase.

Barcode, Carlos

Carlos Barcode is one of the founding fathers of Deedahism. His most recent exhibitions include, Post-gimboid Llama Function, Daydreams are your Comrades and Shiregreen Working Primates. Death of a Giro marked the point when Deedahist art started to filter into the mainstream.


The Braindeadnation were the creators of the original Zomaz stories. Like the later Anarchosimians, they believe that society is engaging in mass voluntary brain death.

Bufo, Laurance

To many people Laurance Bufo represents an intellectual departure from mainstream Deedahism. His explorations of the super-mundane have turned the dull concrete of declining English culture into a strange jewelled fascination.

Collectable Anorak

Even before the word Deedahist was coined, Mandy Osmosis and Angus Wellbeing were producing the anarcho-tribalist publication Collectable Anorak.


The Deedahists believe enlightenment comes through confusion. Central figures in the Deedahist movement include Carlos Barcode, Mike Futcher, the artist formerly known as Mozaz (0742), Steve Withington, James Wallbank and Vladimir Putin.

The origin of Deedah is from Sheffield dialect referring to the local pronunciation of the second person singular pronouns, thee and thou.


The philosophy of Deedah.


A follower of Deedahism


The domination of artspace or similar area by Deedahists. A recent example of this would be the Shiregreen Working Primates exhibition at the Mooreen Social Centre.


The principal art movement of Deedahists.


Goddess of chaos, discord & confusion, now a minor planet outside the orbit of Pluto. Would have been a key inspiration for the Deedahist movement… if Carlos Barcode and others had been aware of her. The followers of Eris are Discordians. It's now clear that Deedahists are unwitting Discordians - which is undoubtedly the best type to be.


On the 18th January 2008 Carlos Barcode issued an Anarchosimian secular fatwa demanding the death of Jeremy Kyle.

Futcher, Michael Darling

Deedahist animator and poet. His surname is pronounced “Foo-shay”.

Futcher Shock

Anarchosimian electroleptic rave metal VJ fanzine.

The Gamma Phase

The crucial stage in the Anarchosimian revolution, in which highly trained paranoid monkeys will begin the assault upon the cult of celebrity.

Hank the Transvestite Canine

Hank is an unusual character from the Chronicles of Zomaz. He is presented as a style guru - with style in this case referring to the arcane webdesign art of Cascading Stylesheets. The Hank toy was reputedly stolen by an eight year old anarchist who refuses to allow it to be used in further Zomaz episodes.

Harries, Jake

Exiled Welsh Sheffield musician Jake gave the Anarchosimian movement renewed impetus with his unforgettable slogan - strength through nuts. Jake is also known for his musical projects with the Apt Gets, all sorts of crazy stuff in the eighties and a love and appreciation of real ale. In an unparalleled piece of performance art Jake has set out to live life as a thunderbird puppet, even growing his eyebrows to achieve this aim.

Hart, Dan

Deedahist film maker and pervert, Dan is the creator of Zontar. He is also famous for the following quote: Rocket Science isn't Rocket Science if you're a Rocket Scientist.

The High Primate Coaliton

A group of artists and poets who aim to bring Anarchosimianism to the masses.

The Horror of Soap

The Horror of Soap is used to convey the sense of disgust Anarchosimians have for the practise known as soap-watching, in which the victim voluntarily initiates a slow form of braindeath by passively absorbing popular culture.

See also Soap Dodger.

The Matilda

The Matilda was a squatted building in the heart of Sheffield's cultural industries quarter. Recreational demolitionist, Derek Zardwick, opened the doors of the building to a ragtag rabble of anarchists and activists in 2005. It was here that the Deedahists refined Anarchosimian theory and utterly rejected modern English anarchism.

Monkey Boy

The name Monkey Boy is frequently used when referring to Angus Wellbeing. It is a reference to his hirsute appearence, and general simian demeanour.

The Monkey Collective

The Monkey Collective began life in the Matilda Social Centre, as a reaction against blonde-dreadlocked vegan bigotry. It has close ties to the High Primate Coalition.


Mooreen was a circus chimp who escaped captivity and hid above an anarchist book shop for fifteen years. She now leads the only revolution worth following.


Morpheus was the Greek god of dreams, son of Hypnos (god of sleep) and Nyx (goddess of night). In relation to Deedahism Morpheus was a brown rat that belonged to Carlos Barcode. Barcode returned home one Christmas to find the rodent stiff as a board in her cage. Shortly afterwards Mandy Osmosis claimed that Morpheus had become her spirit guide, rather like Jim Morrison's Indian.

Nubians of Pluto

The Nubians of Pluto were another proto-Deedahist grouping that emerged in the 1980s. They sought inspiration from the wisdom of Sun Ra and his Afrofuturist philosophy.

Nuerobatamba, Simone

The Botswanan creator of the Afrochav movement. Simone is the first Deedahist fashion designer

The Orange Vandalism

0742's Orange Series of paintings were the first Deedahist works to ever be vandalised on 19th November 2005. The culprits were a group of radical vegans who believe in the destruction of all artworks created by meat-eaters.

Osmosis, Mandy

Mandy Osmosis has been a huge influence on Carlos Barcode, and is a key figure in the Anarchosimian Brotherhood. She has even been called the first lady of Deedahism.


PHUT are the Proper Hardcore Urban Terrorists - fictional Anarchosimians from the Chronicles of Zomaz. They first appeared in episode X - Monkey Business, when they helped Zomaz free Aaron from Guantanamo Bay.

Rules of Deedah

Much as several Deedahists claim that having any rules would destroy the essence of Deedah, two simple rules have been discovered amidst Deedahist writings:-

The first rule of Deedah is you talk about Deedah

The Second rule of Deedah is you talk about Deedah

The author of the rules is not clear, but as these rules are rarely broken, it would seem that they are indeed the rules of Deedah.

Simian Smith

Famous urban gorrilla Simian Smith is well-known for his battle-cry of Power to the Primates! There are rumours from Braindeadnation that Simian Smith may form an anarchist trio along with Aaron the Shoplifting Vegan Monkey and Zomaz the Anarchist Wizard.


A religious movement highly relevant to the Deedahist philosophy, the Church of the Subgenius offers opportunities for Deedahists to become ordained ministers and approach ever closer to true slackness. (Praise Bob!)

Soap Dodger

A person who avoids watching soap. The Unweshed and Anarchosimians usually abstain completely from the deviant practise of soap-watching.

Sun Ra

Sun Ra was born on Saturn, though it is often claimed that he was born in Alabama in 1914. His Afro-futurist music, poetry and philosophy inspired the Nubians of Pluto in the 1980s, and this subsequently filtered into the Deedahist consciousness.

The Unweshed

A central grouping of Anarcho-tribalists within the Deedahist movement, the Unweshed revel in their status as underclass scum. They see subversion as a way of life and, like the Anarchosimians, they promote soap-dodging.

Origin: Sheffield dialect


The first anarcho-tribalist movement, seen by many as a fore-runner to Deedahism.

The Vegan Reich

The Vegan Reich is a movement hostile to Deedahism. It believes in accelerating voluntary braindeath by means of diet rather than popular culture.

Wellbeing, Angus

The inspiration behind Aaron the Shoplifting Vegan Monkey, from the Chronicles of Zomaz. Angus believes in a frugal existance and his artwork consists of largely conceptual works around the subject of mind control.

Withington, Steve

A founding member of the Deedah movement.

Zomaz the Anarchist Wizard

Created by Braindeadnation Zomaz has had many adventures, fighting capitalism, and more lately vegan-fascism and the Tyranny of the Iron Lentil.

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