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Correx37's videos

Here are Correx37's videos that have inspired this project.

The mark two machine The machine that inspired this project.

The hand knitting tool version Which explains how the knitting works really nicely.

The mark one machine Correx37's first machine.

Potentially useful thoughts from Correx37's YouTube comments

  • Wow, thanks for your comment, i am certainly not a nuclear scientist i am just a retired engineer. I am sure you could make one if you put your mind to it. I have used a drawer runner as the main slide.
  • Thanks for your comment I just program a set number of steps as there is very little load on the carriage drive. It will run continuously for a couple of hours with no problems.
  • I am afraid I have no plans I just made it up as I went along, but I am sure if you purchase a pack of machine knitting needles you will be able work out with the aid of the video how it is constructed.
  • Hi, the machine does a basic stockinette stitch, knit one row, purl one row. I hope this is of help.
  • My knitting machines were really just projects to use microcontrollers.
  • I am sorry they are not on the market and I am afraid I could not build one for you, as most of the machine is built from just old bits and pieces I had around my workshop.
  • No problem with machine jamming but it is important that the wool feeds freely from a cone.
  • Hi, it would be difficult to describe how to construct the machine as most of the parts are from scrap products and impossible to buy now.
  • My machine design was never intended to be a practical knitting machine it was simply a microcontroller project I created just for fun showing individual needle movement.
  • QUESTION: This is really awesome, how hard do you think it would be to make a circular one? Also does this knit in both directions or does it knit one way then purl back (to make stockinette)
  • ANSWER: Thanks for the comment - I guess the needle bed would be more difficult to make (home made) but controlling the machine should be no problem. The machine knits in both directions and produces stockinette.
  • I guess it could run a little faster but I would prefer it to be very reliable and not drop stitches.
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