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Earth Hand Mouth Earth

This exhibition features photographs and a film installation by Anne-Marie Culhane and Jo Salter about Abundance - a Sheffield based community fruit harvesting project. Abundance is about claiming, creating and celebrating a shared inheritance that many of us never knew we had and finding ways to play our part in its proliferation. Abundance inspires us to look up and around and to see the city as an orchard.

As part of the Collaborative Cultures Series at Access Space, this exhibition looked at Abundance through the lens of the Commons and as a way of creating a collaborative culture - sharing and asserting our rights to responsible use of resources in public spaces and the creating of a sustainable and active culture of community and co-operation. When 95% of UK fruit are imported including 71% of apples, Abundance is a small step in acting to reclaim, share, re-value and re-distribute wasted goods at a local scale.

The exhibition took place from 5 September to 9 October 2008. For more information, please contact .

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