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ed Then -- ..... -- Else -- "Simon shrugs. ""Sorry, I don... = 'say' (topic)! Where topic Isa thing Else "You can't say that." Add To Every thing Verb ... opic)! 'to' (act) Where topic Isa thing Else "You can't say that." And act Isa thing Else "You can't talk to that." Add To Every thing Verb say_to When act Check act Has c
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Gash & Floater</del>)// Err guys... //(everyone else helps liberal stop Santa - nobody has any luck un... *Santa:** can I have a defence? **Gash:** no one else gets a defence to defend themselves against capit... rvey. He is drunk)// Well I cued up like everyone else, but when I got to the counter I wipped out my bo... my hand and the wine spilt everywhere. If nothing else my wine probably stained a few bank notes. It wa
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"'I am hungry.', says the alien." Else "'Don't ask me, I'm just an alien.'" ... y peace." set genevaconv of alien to 1. Else "'I don't know, I'm just an alien.'" ... "'Please do not swear.', says the alien." Else "'I don't know, I'm just an alien.'" end... prod the alien with a stick. It eats you." Quit. else "Fortunately for you, spacesuits aren't edible,
if:surrender.i: 3 Hits
_to = surrender 'to' (act)! Where act Isa thing else say the Act. "doesn't observe the Geneva Conventi... en act Check act Has genevaconv = 1 Else say the Act. "doesn't observe the Geneva Conventi... s and gives you some food." locate food in hero. else "Don't scrounge off." say the Act. end if. En
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n ====== A spot of musing on Martyn's (and anyone else that wants to join in) ideas for social technolog... lection based on most actively edited or anything else we can get stats for) of spacers pages in a list.... f a person and their case history data to someone else version of the same software and using clever use
if:getstarted: 2 Hits
north TO dark_space CHECK door IS NOT closed ELSE "The door is closed so you can't go that way." E... " IF door IS closed THEN "The door is closed." ELSE "The door is open." END IF. -------------------
if:break.i: 2 Hits
obj) WHERE obj ISA OBJECT ELSE "You can't break" Say An obj. "!" break =... ak CHECK obj IS breakable ELSE "Your efforts fail to do any damage." DOE
pretentious:pretentious: 2 Hits
resenting the 1940’s. In fashion as in everything else, capitalism can only go backwards — they’ve nowhe... we hugged trees because it was radi-cool nothing else. It wasn’t us who decimated the local economies a
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