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erb ask. -- .... -- End Actor Simon. Add To Every thing Is Not can_talk. End Add To thing. Add To Every actor Is can_talk. End Add To actor. Synonyms yell = shout. scream = shout... sa thing Else "You can't say that." Add To Every thing Verb say_word Does "$o? That's ... hing Else "You can't talk to that." Add To Every thing Verb say_to When act Check act
pretentious:pretentious: 6 Hits
to the bourgeoisie because debt creates wealth – every time somebody takes something on credit new ‘mone... s who decimated the local economies and destroyed every last shred of independence in working class areas... r of Discontent. The aim was to produce a poster every week – or until we get bored. It would detail something to do for every weekend over the summer. Something amazing for every Friday, Saturday and Su
cyanotype_workshops: 3 Hits
ded for cyanotype printing will be available 11-7 every Wednesday. We will provide good quality paper but... shops Steve is running drop in GIMP help sessions every Wednesday. This could be helpful if you want to t... e techniques and have a go. Ruthie will be around every Wednesday and can provide tuition for new printer
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shellstuff:shellstuff: 3 Hits
.) This guide is not designed to teach you about every command in the shell, or even about very many of ... ere is still a place for the command line in many every day tasks (including those you wouldn't normally ... e aim of this guide is not to tell you how to use every single command but to highlight some of the most
if:surrender.i: 3 Hits
<code> Add To Every thing has genevaconv 0. End Add To thing. Add To Every actor has genevaconv 1... "doesn't observe the Geneva Convention." Add To Every thing Verb surrender_to When act Chec
cards: 2 Hits
game in which the rules of the game change nearly every time a card is played. There isn't even a way to ... eir own. It's also very easy to learn to play, as every rule for each card is given on the card. Games ge
questions: 2 Hits
if:break.i: 2 Hits
ibrary version 0.5.0) -- JW November 2007 ADD TO EVERY OBJECT IS NOT breakable. END ADD TO OBJEC... bj. "!" break = break 'up' (obj). Add To Every object VERB break CHECK obj IS breakabl
script:santa: 2 Hits
housands of ordinary paupers are driven into debt every year by the need to buy worthless soon-to-be-land... ontinuing genocide. a feathered fuckin holocaust every fuckin year **Liberal:** cmon u cant insult the
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