F P S / Frames Per Second / Film People Sheffield

FPS are a loose collection of people who want to experiment with the moving image, in all its various forms. It's very hard to make a film on your own: as well as needing to be in at least two places at once you need a lot of equipment and expertise. Through FPS you can meet people with the appropriate skills and equipment.

We will be meeting on the following days:-

And we hope to continue meeting at Access Space on the last Thursday of each month.

Our plan for the first meeting is to watch some films made by members of the group, talk about them, and talk about what people want from FPS.

Also - WE WANT TO SHOW YOUR FILMS! If you have a film you want to show at our first meeting, please send it to me by 15th Jan 2007.

My address is: 50 Springfield Avenue, Chesterfield, S40 1HL

Send your film on DVD or CD-Rom (PC formated: AVI, MPEG or Quicktime). I can give the films back at the meeting. Include your name and contact details with the film. In my experience, if you put it in one of those little envelope things you can post a CD or DVD in a normal envelope with a single first class stamp. I'm not going to guarantee this, so don't send your only copy. Access Space can help with copying CD's and DVD's.

This is a wiki: you can add to it and edit it. If there is something you think should be said at the meeting, write it here.


If, for some obscure reason, you want the text from the form I asked people to fill in, here it is.