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JF Kennedy's favourite game with the Access Space Games Group! * **Technical Note**: The map is now av
start: 11 Hits]] </WRAP> <WRAP box bgyellow left> **Games Group**\\ [[games_group:|{{:games_night.jpg?100 |}}]] The games group meets in Access Space most Tuesday evenings to play games. But we don't play computer games!* Currently our preoccupations are chess, chess variants, role-playing games and [[ga... , *Not that there is anything wrong with computer games. Look at my work to see what a great source of ar
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y at 7pm, we gather together to play a variety of games, //none of which are conveyed through the medium ... n Warriors]] campaign); [[chess]] and other board games, run by Steve. As well, each week we make one mo... 20p a session. We also talk of other interesting games, and play some of them on occasions, too. * [[... i (Chinese Chess)]] * [[roleplaying|Roleplaying Games]] * [[werewolf|Are You A Werewolf?]] * [[:Apo
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?300 |}} Come down to Access Space for friendly games of chess every other Saturday from 7th of May 3pm
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* Create a page here (ie another link in "The Games" section of this page. Post this original image o... nished creating your collaborative masterpiece. Games one and two used 800x600 pixel images. If you use... that has been resized by dokuwiki. ===== The Games ===== [[one]] [[two]] [[three]] [[four]] [[f... esources]] - useful cut-outs for your Gimp Tennis games. Leave stuff that might be useful here. ===== T
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======Interesting games:====== ====Question Tennis (from Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead) ==== pl... with Expanding Rule-sets==== Predominantly card games. Any game like Shit-head or Uno where there are ... e-set that can develop into the maximum number of games. The speed at which new rules are added must slow... person to 200 points wins the game. ====Shunt Scrabble====
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ce 6.30pm till 10.30pm and are part of the larger Games Group. We want new members and welcome everyone
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<param name=movie value=""> <param name=quality value=high> <embed src="" quality=high pluginspage="http://www.macromedia.
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ing our own web chess server. But in the meantime games can be played using online chess, or ev... The Championship begins! 1st May 2009 ===== ==== Games so far ==== ^ ^Joe Donelly^Martyn Eggleton^Paul
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====== My Games ====== * [[22.12.2006|Selection1]] - King's Gambit * [[22.12.20063|Selection2]] - My Favorite Paul Morphy's games * [[22.12.200633|Selection3]] - An interesting draw. more details
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5th January - still recovering from New Year - no games group today.// ===== The 2009 Sessions ===== ==... are to repel an attack. * //24th November - no Games Group today.// ==== 17th November ==== At the W
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====== Pyramid Games ====== //A collection of games based aroud pyramids were brought in, but we only man
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====== Card Games ====== //Occasionally, a pre-prepared card game is brought in by a one of the participa... to play, as every rule for each card is given on the card. Games generally take around 10 to 15 minutes.
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