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Dragon Warriors Session Log

The 2010 Sessions

15th June

Elven banner. Basilisk!

8th June

Negotiate with the Elves. Discover some skeletons.

1st June

Leave a message at the ruins of the fortress. Travel to the elves. Encountered two nasty goblins with ice swords. Fail to recruit a group of men.

25th May

Travel back to the fortress. Encounter goblins. Hobo & Cohen warted. Found voodoo dolls. Find the fortress burnt, Amgrax & company petrified, Countess Zena, Kromm, Otto Kreel and Erik survivors.

18th May

Amazed at the incongruous offer of refreshments all the characters except Hobo pluck up their courage and accept the drinks graciously. Amazingly, there are no ill effects! The characters debate visiting “his Lordship” in the manor house they presume to be nearby, but they decide against it. Next morning they set off west again, still mystified by how such a civilized and unfortified manor can exist in the wildlands. Later in the day the characters discover they're being followed through the woods by a substantial number of invisible figures, which Florez detects with a spell. Resisting Cohen's instincts owards aggression, they parley with their stalkers and determine that they are probably elves. Exchanging gifts, the party sleeps safely and the next day they make their way West again, catching sight, at the end of the day, of an ominous pall of smoke somewhere near the White Knights Fortress.

  • 12th May - no roleplay session - learning Diplomacy rules.
  • 5th May - not quorate; no roleplay session.
  • 27th April - no roleplay session - GM in Malta!

20th April

Making their way back towards the West along an ancient roadway, the characters encounter a dozen well-armed and equipped horsemen. They turn out to be the King's guards, who question them closely. They talked their way out of trouble, telling the tale of their defeat of the necromancer. They are congratulated and awarded silver brooches in the shape of hunting dogs. The characters continue to the north west, clambering up the borderland escarpment, bypassing a cave which they notice is inhabited. Pressing on west, by nightfall the characters find themselves camping on what seems to be an overgrown lawn with, extraordinarily, a greenhouse. Florez eats some cucumbers. That night, around midnight, the party are amazed to be approached by a butler who offers them a tray of drinks, “With the compliments of his Lordship”.

13th April

Shared out the treasure. Argued. Levelled up!

  • 6th April - no roleplaying today, GM in London!

30th March

Defeated the necromancer which animated the zombies. Got taken over by a deadly magical book. Started arguing with each other. Destroyed the book, healed.

23rd March

Arrived at the Holy Well. Fought Numerous Zombies! Encountered a zombie with a book, which pertified Hobo. Fight Continued.

16th March

Electing a group of six, Francesca, Cohen, Hobo, Maragaret, Florez and Jacob (NPC) make their way towards the healing well of St. Hannah. On the first two days of travel they avoided encounters and foraged with marginal success for food. The condition of the sick characters deteriorated marginally, but they were kept reasonably mobile and functional by a herbal draught supplied by the Highland Exploration Company's physician Father Gregory. On the third night they encountered three monk figures. Recognising them as the fire breathing terrors he previously encountered, Hobo charged recklessly and battle was joined. Several characters were badly burnt and clawed, but our heroes prevailed, slaying two of the horrors and driving off another one which fooled them with an illusion. Examining the bodies, they discover that the “monks” were actually clawed, winged creatures with flaming, burning ichor.

The next day the party encountered the people of a village beset by plague, also making their way to the holy well. Later they encountered two children carrying a sick baby to the healing shrine.

9th March

The characters discover that the Highland Exploration Company abandonned the White Knights Fortress as it was attacked by overwhelming numbers. Ten of their number are now camped in nearby woodland, keeping an eye on the occupied fort, while others go for reinforcements. Amgrax and Countess Zena combine their magical powers to cast an Oracle to find out what to do.

Disturbingly, the oracle suggests that reinforcements are not on their way yet, the characters' infection may be fatal, and that the Holy Well of St. Hannah, which might provide a cure, is guarded by hostiles. Nonetheless the characters resolve to set off Southeast to the well without delay. The rescued Silverminers join the Highland Exploration Company on the invitation of the Countess.

2nd March

The party divides their spoils (somewhat unevenly) and sets off to the South, towards the White Knights Fortress. Trudging through heavy rain they find no shelter and press on Southwards through the night. As the rain relents and they are attacked by a swarm of giant bats which they drive off with fine swordplay and fiery illusions, but Cohen, Margaret and Florez suffer minor injuries.

Continuing Southwards through the next day they arrive, exhausted, to find the White Knights Fortress damaged by fire and overrun, flying a false flag. Hiding in nearby woods, their cheer at meeting other members of the Highland Exploration Company is eclipsed by mounting alarm as those bitten by bats start to fall ill.

23rd February

The party spent most of their time fighting bandits who were attempting to extort a pair of horses from them. During their increasingly angry interactions with the bandit leader, it becomes clear that not all hostiles in the wildlands are allied.

Losing patience, Cohen precipitates a fight. Vastly outnumbered, our heroes were gravely injured, but managed to win with the combination of physical prowess and displays of magic that caused the last of them to flee in terror. Looting of the bodies followed. Margaret who exhibits mystical powers, encourages Cohen to believe that a magical dagger they discover has healing properties.

16th February

All search the woods for their concealed horses, and eventually find them in a beautiful glade. Characters interact with the mysterious guardian of the glade, who appears to each character as a beautiful, but strangely alien elf or nymph of a gender opposite to theirs, or, in some cases, of no distinct gender. It seems that the glade is a magical realm. To those heroes that please her the guardian gives gifts or boons via the medium of magical fruit.

Impetuous and lusty, Cohen succumbs to her physical charms. His later realisation that the guardian was neither human nor definitively female, provides the party with some amusement. Leaving the glade the party set off Southwards, returning to the copse where they slew a horrible flying head. Following the guardian's advice they uncover treasure which they'd previously missed. As they camp that night they are confronted by hostile bandits!

9th February

Florez is briefly questioned, and is thrown into a compound with other prisoners. He meets Margaret. Meanwhile, Hobo has found Amgrax within the ancient ziggurat - but the two of them are stuck behind huge doors, with the one open entrance (that Hobo slid and fell down) fifty feet above them! A day passes while all wait and plan.

Using trickery, magic and some scrappy fighting Florez and Maragret overpower their guards and escape, along with three other miners. Cohen and Francesa hide the horses in an idyllic and very well concealed glade, then kill a couple of orc guard, sneak into the camp and clamber up the ziggurat, following Hobo. Lowering a rope down the slot at the top they rescue Hobo and Amgrax. All sneak out of the camp and run for it, pursued by orcs.

2nd February

Florez leaves the orcs, announcing that he will return with new orders. He returns to the party who can scarcely contain their amusement. They wait for two days, observing the camp as Cohen recovers a little. Nightly they see a glowing ball of light appear for a few minutes above the ziggurat. On the second night they hear the flap of huge wings. They conclude that Amgrax may be inside the structure and ignore the sound effects. The party split - Florez re-enters the camp alone to bamboozle the orcs, with a view to tricking them into opening the huge stone doors to the ziggurat.

Meanwhile Hobo sneaks into the camp, scales the structure and examines the top. From his vantage point he sees, poking above a ruined wall a pair of huge clawed wings (which at first he mistakes as a pair of tents). Florez is quickly conducted to the orc captain and is captured. The orc captain seems to have additional information, provided from behind a curtain by an unseen advisor. From the clifftop Cohen and Francesca see hobo leap boldly down a hole or slot and disappear inside the ziggurat!

26th January

The characters return to their cliff-top encampment and question Cohen about what he's discovered. Florez then determines to scout the orc camp again. Boldly advancing, he confronts the (clearly stupid) guards and bamboozles the orc chieftain into thinking that he's inspecting the operation. The chief shows him around, reveals the orcs disposition, numbers and mission - to guard a ziggurat, ensuring that nobody enters or leaves. Meanwhile, Margaret, a new character, is generated. She's a prospective member of the Company of Silverminers, and has been captured by the orcs in a previous incident. At this stage the other characters are unaware of her or her three companions.

19th January

Cohen scouts the encampment. He presses ahead despite his encounters of increasing numbers of sleeping orcs, but is discovered. He flees and is shot by many arrows. Charging through the woods he runs into a group of orcs that pepper him with crossbow bolts. Through a stroke of luck (?) he topples, unconscious, into the plunge-pool of the waterfall, and his pursuers leave him for dead. Lady Francesca lowers Florez down the cliff to minister to Cohen. Miraculously, he's still alive - but only just. Florez drags him from the waterfall, heals him, and brings him out of immediate danger.

  • 12th January: Lousy weather, not quorate - no roleplaying today
  • 5th January - still recovering from New Year - no games group today.

The 2009 Sessions

15th December

A battle with a horrible horned head. Next day the journey through the wildlands continues. A battle drives off Ape Men from a camp site at a ruined tower. Further journeying and the characters arrive at the red falls. They see a rust-red waterfall, and at the base of the cliff, a woodland partially concealing a ruined complex. At the centre of the complex is an ancient, overgrown step pyramid.

8th December

The party journeys North through the wilderness. They ignore a large marching party traveling Southwards a mile or more away from them. Later Hobo spies three cloaked figures and peels off from the main party to investigate. They appear to be wizened monks sitting silently. His anxieties are not aroused by their uncanny similarity. One of them nods, and the three leap up and attck him with fiery breath and claws. Their cloaks unfold as great, leathery wings. Hobo runs for his life, badly scorched. The three monks (?) savage his horse and slay it, devouring it with their sharp teeth while Hobo makes his escape.

That evening the party find a good place to camp in a dense copse of trees. The only thing that mars to location is the faint occasional smell of rotting flesh - but it's raining, so they decide to stay. At dead of night they are terrified to be attacked by a disembodied, winged head which lunges at them with vampiric teeth and a horrible horn.

1st December

The characters investigate the death. Captain Bedford reveals that his recent log journal has been stolen and that an attack is imminent. He recruits volunteers (the party) to go and rescue Amgrax, while the bulk of the company prepare to repel an attack.

  • 24th November - no Games Group today.

17th November

At the White Knights Fortress. Enter Hobo. Fire, Chaos. Hobo suspected and detained.

10th November

Journey to the White Knights Fortress. Fleas, Barracks, Bathing. Arrival at the Fortress. Interviewed by Captain Bedford. Enter Hobo.

  • 3rd November - no roleplaying today.
  • 27th October - no roleplaying today, GM in Brazil!

20th October

The end of Hobb's Dell. Amgrax disappears in the centre of the barrow, leaving a single quickly scrawled message: “It works! A.” Paid off by the Baron, but fail to detect some subterfuge. Enter Florez. The party resolve to join (or at least look into) the Highland Exploration Company.

13th October

Hobb's Dell. Battling Zombies and a Wight.

6th October

  • Holidays! No roleplaying activities in August & September.

7th July

30th June

23rd June

Bretwald slain, characters escape. Enter Amgrax.

16th June

Tomb of Vallendar.

9th June

First Meeting! 3 characters generated: Lady Francesca (Knight); Cohen (Barbarian); Egomas (Mystic). Character backgrounds established. The company meets in the small village of Axbridge, in an area near to the Northern border of the kingdom. Local priest Bretwald engages them to accompany him in an expedition North of the border, into the wildlands, to recover the treasures of the kingdom from the tomb of a long-dead king.

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