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Dragon Warriors

Right now we're playing the little-known but very excellent game Dragon Warriors. Published in 1985 it's very easy to learn, and has a traditional, old-school Dungeons and Dragons feel.

Session Log

  • Here's an attempt to keep a very brief log of the action session by session.

The Characters

Player Characters

  • Player: Adam Zelaieta

Cohen is a barbarian who grew up in the Northern borders, close to the wildlands. Growing up in a village with a constant feud with a neighbouring village has made him come to enjoy fighting. Preferred weapon is a double-headed axe.

  • Player: Harriet Lowe

The Lady Francesca is on a quest to prove herself as a knight, as well as to acquire rare and expensive treasures to help bolster her families' name and standing among the nobles. Why she continues to accompany the uncouth Cohen is currently unknown. Favours the longsword as a true, knightly weapon.

  • Player: Robert Crittenden

The Amazing Florez Magnifico, to give him his full, preferred title, is a wizard and an established member of the Highland Exploration Company. His skills with magic and daring charisma have helped the party out greatly. Prefers mind over matter when fighting, usually with a flourish.

  • Player: Arfon James

The Dashing, Stalwart Hobo, as he chooses to be known, is currently on a quest with the heroes to help clear his name as a thief among the Highlands Exploration Company. His real name is unknown, but he pictures himself as the epitome of style and manliness. Currently wielding a pair of hooked swords.

  • Player: Daniel Massey

Margaret Brown is a member of the Company of Silverminers, another organisation seeking to subdue the wildlands. She has just been rescued from the clutches of a band of orcs, but is already exhibiting mystical abilities, albeit with only a small understanding of how to use them consistently. Wields a magical dagger, having lost her shortsword while a prisoner.

  • Player: Tristan Harness

Egomas is an apprentice to a village shaman who is exploring the world to learn some skills which would be useful in his trade. Privy to some mystical abilities of his own, he accompanied the heroes on their first adventure into the Tomb of the Ancient King, and then returned to his village after learning the art of brewing alcohol from a villager in Axbridge. Sometimes wields a quarterstaff, sometimes a longbow. Has returned to complete his apprenticeship.

Non-Player Characters


Bretwald is a village priest who had an old map, which sparked our heroes' first adventure. He was slain in the attempt to gain the 'Treasures of the Kingdom', but the heroes discovered a potion to revive the dead inside the tomb, and so used it to bring him back to life. Initially venal and treasure-hungry, Bretwald has been changed by his experience of death, and seems wiser. Now spending his time as the priest of Axbridge.


Amgrax is a wizard and long-standing member of the Highland Exploration Company. Has great knowledge of wizardry and is helping with a major piece of research for the Company. Vanished after the events in Hobbes' Dell, but has been found again and is returning to his main centre of activity to report his findings.

Captain Bedford

This grizzled ex-crusader is the commander of the “White Knights Fortress” a rough palisaded fortification that serves as a way-station for Highland Exploration Company expeditions into the wilderness. He has a military bearing, and a stern, but sympathetic manner. He seems intent on using systematic approaches, including codes, signals and flags.

Minor Non-Player Characters

Diverse Lords, Knights, Elves, Bandits, Miners, Villagers, Spirits and many, many more.

Adventure Summaries

The Plot so far.

The Tomb Part I

Our heroes, Cohen, Egomas and Francesca met up in the village of Axbridge, where they also met a priest called Bretwald. He took them on an expedition to investigate a tomb of an ancient king, passing through another village and a moonlit forest in the process. Inside the tomb they find all kinds of magical traps and even some creatures of a similar nature. They manage to make their way into the depths of the complex, finding various treasures and other interesting bits of booty in the process, before finding themselves in the main room of the complex. However, before being able to claim the treasure, a ghoul appeared and killed Bretwald, forcing our other heroes, injured and weary from the battles, to flee ignobly. They returned to the nearest village to lick their wounds and planned what to do next.

The Tomb – Part II

Our remaining heroes meet Amgrax, who claims to be a cartographer, in the inn in Saxton, who shows an unusual amount of knowledge about arcane matters and an unusual interest in what had happened to them in the tomb. He also claims that a potion they picked up has the power to revive the dead. This causes them to decide to go back to the tomb, to which they promptly head. They find a corpse of someone from the ‘Highland Exploration Company’, who was missing his lower jaw and throat, just inside the main doors. Exploring further, they also find that traps had been changed. Cohen and Francesca climbed a chamber they hadn’t explored previously, to find a dragon who lent them aid after they answered some riddles. Proceeding further, they find Bretwald's body had been moved to a subterranean chapel, but revive him anyway. They venture back into the chamber with the ghoul, and Francesca keeps it busy with a sword which she found on her last adventure here, while Cohen and Egomas get some swords which were in the chamber with the ghoul. Running up to it from behind, Egomas slays it with one of the swords he picked up. They return to Axbridge, and Egomas said his goodbyes and returned to his home village.

Hobbes’ Dell

A baron comes to find the heroes and pays them to undertake a small quest. They are to find his tax-gatherer, who has gone missing, along with the taxes he gathered from the peasants as well as a sword he intended for a gift. Our heroes travel to where he was last seen, and are directed to Hobbes’ Dell, where there is rumour of some sort of demon. Venturing through this dell, they encounter several zombies, as well as locating the corpse of the tax-gatherer, who had the sword but not the taxes. They carry on and enter a barrow, inside of which there was a Wight. They had the fortune to defeat it, despite some setbacks, but find few treasures. Upon exiting, they are met by a small lad of a similar age to Cohen, calling himself Florez Magnifico. He delivers a message to Amgrax, who goes inside the barrow, causes an earthquake and disappears. Leaving the barrow, our heroes come across the baron, who takes the sword off them and gives them the remainder of their pay. Not having anything else to do, our heroes go with Florez as he returns to his master in the White Knight’s Castle to say he had completed his task

Rescuing Amgrax

When our heroes reach the White Knight’s Castle, they find the place to be one of the fortresses of the Highland Exploration Company. There they find The Dashing Stalwart Hobo, who joins them in a mission they are given to find Amgrax once again in order to clear his name of theft. They venture out into the wild lands and on the way are waylaid by magical creatures, ranging from dragon monks to floating horned skulls. When they reach the location Amgrax is supposed to be, they find an orc army there. Cohen is nearly killed, but healed by Florez, who manages to trick the army into revealing information. The crew later split up in order to try and sneak into the ziggurat in which Amgrax is supposed to be. Amgrax is rescued by the combined efforts of Hobo, Cohen and Francesca, and they meet up with Florez in the woods, who is joined by Margaret and some of her Silverminer comrades. Searching for their horses they stumble into a fairies glade, where they are brainwashed by a spirit and they wake up in a field the next day. Returning to the White Knight’s Castle, they are waylaid by bandits.

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