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Are You A Werewolf?

Last week for the first time we played Are You A Werewolf? It was great!

The Rules

Playing this game is very simple. The players are inhabitants of a village that has become infested by werewolves. Evevry night, the werewolves kill one of the inhabitants, and the next day the villagers (including the werewolves) have to vote to decide who to hang in the hopes of killing off the werewolves before the werewolves kill off the villagers. The villagers win if they kill off all the werewolves, while the werewolves win if they kill off all the villagers before they are found out. With enough people, some villagers can recieve extra powers to make the game even more interesting to play, but all participate in the voting at the end of the day.

Potential Villagers


A villager has no special abilities or powers, other than their voting rights for who to kill at the end of the day.


The werewolves are the baddies, and there are generally about a quarter of the players being werewolves when the game begins. They are allowed to know who one another are, and all must agree on a victim before that person is killed. The villagers, naturally, are unaware of who is or isn't a werewolf, other than themselves.


The mayor generally isn't a player character, but rather a tool used to allow the werewolves to learn who one another are before the voting for the first werewolf to be hung.


A seer can have a variety of powers depending on who is running the game. Sometimes they can choose one person and look at their card without their knowledge, or is only permitted to look at the cards of the persons to either side of them. Should one of the poeple who they know the identity of die, they may sometimes look at someone else, or the next person on depending on which rules are being used.


A hunter designates one villager every night. If he is killed, that person is also killed. The hunter in question is often requested to be creative in the manner in which they kill their target.

Innocent Child

The innocent child has sleep issues, and so is also allowed to open their eyes during the werewolf phase. Obviously, this power is not without it's risk, as if they are caught, the werewolves will naturally target them next, whether to be hung or whether to be killed in the night.


A healer can designate one other player at the start of the night, without that players knowledge. Should that person be chosen by the werewolves, they are healed once the night ends, thus preventing their deaths.


Cupid has the ability to designate two people, at the start of the game, to be lovers. Should one or the other of a pair die, the other will commit suicide at the end of the next day or night. They cannot choose to kill the other one of the pair themselves under any circumstances. This can cause a situation in which there is one villager and one werewolf, in which case we have a lover's victory rather than a loss.


A witch is in possession of one life and one death potion. S/he may use either one whensoever they wish, at the appropriate time in the play cycle.

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