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if:interactive_fiction_group: 11 Hits
tive fiction group. We're hoping that here we can get together some web resources to help with authorin... we can have some meetings and/or hack sessions to get some text adventures working.// ===== Intro ====... so you have to be into programming before you can get started. There are also a bunch of systems which ... hallow, so it's easy for programming beginners to get into. * It's very powerful and can describe lot
script:santa: 10 Hits
**Pagan:** technical point <del>let mike fooshay get a word in for fucks sake</del> <del>**Floater:**... *Santa:** "Animal Murder"?? - you guys will never get through the next ice-age. **Liberal:** cruelty t... nd themselves against capitalism - why should you get a defence against us? **Liberal:** maybe we shou... t live braudcast possable. This Christmas as you get your nut cutlets out of the oven spare a thought
pretentious:pretentious: 10 Hits
ob we were going to move to a Brazilian favela to get a feel for some real poverty. Just because our M... No outdoor gigs. No parties. No opportunities to get off it. Summer in Sheffield means classic car ra... was to produce a poster every week – or until we get bored. It would detail something to do for every ... istic parasites who want to look ‘alternative’ to get girlfriends. We wanted to create a feeling, an a
shellstuff:shellstuff: 7 Hits
rcase**, the shell is case sensitive so you can't get away with using mixed or uppercase like you can i... rminal and run ''chmod +x''. If you get an error, you should double check that the file i... er on your machine or online), to find out how to get the most out of it. While is can be very tricky ... wever they can be put is **.bashrc** so that they get re-bound each time you start a shell. Just add th
soundbox:soundbox: 5 Hits
HOW TO ===== - **Pop a shell** In other words, get to a command prompt where you can type. There are... ll's gone well, you should have logged in. If you get another ''Password:'' prompt, you typed the passw... e have started using Lastfm as a very easy way to get music played. Ssh into the soundbox (type ''ssh ... er you want it to be played. Use leading zeros to get the order right - like this: ''00_first_track.mp3
blender:blenderintro: 4 Hits
ed for free at [[]] . I made this web page for my work ex... lender web page [[]] which tells you what every button does... ow to build anything you want. I wanted to try to get two objects to collide using the game engine, i f... other camera to follow the other car but couldn't get the game to work in two windows at the same time
minutes_200804: 4 Hits
James suggested he organise a workshop on how to get funding for workshops. The catch would be that, a... *also** think about alternative models for how to get workshops to happen - raising enthusiasm, energy,... le from Burngreave New Deal for Communities if we get participants to sign a sheet to say they are bene... Space. The group asked that the staff attempt to get everyone engaging, participating or contributing
black_dogs_case_study:appendix_1_-_questions_sent_to_the_group: 3 Hits
act details to them, or send me theirs and I will get in touch. I am hoping to publish my case study o... embers influence this? How and why did you first get involved with Black Dogs? What do you now feel that you get out of being part of Black Dogs? Is this any different to your initial expectations/moti
if:modhero: 2 Hits
capc: 2 Hits
chess:chess: 1 Hits
questions: 1 Hits
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