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GIMP Tennis

GIMP tennis is game where two (or more) people take start with an image and make alterations to it, using the GIMP. The image is passed from one player to the next. The game ends after ten or so passes, or when everyone is happy with the resulting collage.

How to play

  • Pick a nice image.
  • Give your image a meaningful name that ends in _01.
  • Create a page here (ie another link in “The Games” section of this page. Post this original image on your new page.
  • Take turns to transform, add-to, and warp the image.
  • When you've made your changes save the image and rename it so that we get a series of images like image_01.jpg, image_02.jpg, image_03.jpg etc.
  • Make sure the other player(s) know you've posted your image here.
  • Wrap the game up when you've finished creating your collaborative masterpiece.

Games one and two used 800×600 pixel images. If you use larger images remember to put ?800 in the code so that it won't display too wide for this web site. Also remember that if you download the image you will need to download the correctly sized one, not one that has been resized by dokuwiki.

The Games






Please feel free to start a new game here.


resources - useful cut-outs for your Gimp Tennis games. Leave stuff that might be useful here.

Tips, hints and help

Here are some useful tips, hints and help.


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