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Tips, hints and help


Accurately selecting areas of images is a key skill in image manipulation. There is a variety of selection tools.

One of the most useful tools is the fuzzy select tool. To use it effectively remember these tips:

  • Hold the left button down as you move the mouse slowly. This selects a growing area of similar colours.
  • For fine tuning of selection you can change the threshold (by default it is 15). Double click on the fuzzy select icon to bring up options.
  • Hold down the shift key and you can add new selections to areas already selected.
  • Hold down the ctrl key and you remove areas from an area already selected.


When you've cut out something from one image that you would like to paste onto another image:

  • You can scale, rotate and distort the floating selection (the pasted bit).
  • You can colour correct the floating selection to make it fit in better with the main image. Try altering hue and saturation, and brightness and contrast for instance.


In the filters menu, under distorts you will find the Iwarp tool. Use it carefully; it can easily ruin a picture. But used subtley it is a very powerful tool, and it's dead easy to use!

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