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y it as an 'organisation' (rather a collective or group) and would be politically opposed to the idea of ... terview with Andy Abbott (long term member of the group) * Email questions sent via Andy to the Black Dogs email group of members Whilst these methods provided opportunities for all members to get involv... of members was limited. I sent questions to the group in two formats (see Appendix 1). One set of quest
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nedy's favourite game with the Access Space Games Group! * **Technical Note**: The map is now availabl
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es, GLBT groups etc) were discussed, some of the group were in favour, some felt this was against the Ac... riva packages in use on the machines. Some of the group complained about the way the different packages a... package. ** ===== 3. TRAINING ===== Some of the group wanted more clarity on who teaches what in Access... 're working on etc. Users could take part or not. Group approved of the idea though not all wished to tak
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====== Interactive Fiction Group ====== {{if:ifgroup_if_logo.png?65 |Interactive Fiction Group}} //At ... so we thought we'd set up an interactive fiction group. We're hoping that here we can get together some ... nd Logo ===== Here's the poster for the first IF Group meeting, scheduled for 5pm at Access Space on Tue... ember 11th. {{ if:ifgroup_11th_dec.png?480 |IF Group 11th December}} ----- Following some really posi
start: 9 Hits]] </WRAP> <WRAP box bgyellow left> **Games Group**\\ [[games_group:|{{:games_night.jpg?100 |}}]] The games group meets in Access Space most Tuesday evenings to play games. But we don't play comput... > <WRAP box bgyellow left> **Interactive Fiction Group**\\ [[if:interactive fiction group|{{ifgroup_logo.png?150 |IF Group}}]] Several people at Access Space are already interactive fiction authors. We th
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====== Access Space Chess Group ====== ===== Access Space Online Chess Group ===== [[http://www.chess.c... s/home/access-space|The Access Space Online Chess Group]] Access Space has an online chess group at ches
black_dogs_case_study:appendix_1_-_questions_sent_to_the_group: 7 Hits
===== Research Questions Sent To The Group ===== **I intended these to be used as part of an online discussion between members of the group** I am studying the new MA in Creative Enterprise at Leeds Me... - How does decision making take place within the group? - How and why does Black Dogs interact with th... , what are they and why are they important to the group? If you have any photos of the work of Black Do
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s of stairs in chains.// **Newsreader:** A small group of anarchists and anticapitalsits have captured S... need some system here. </del>in the vegan women's group we used a method of group decision-making with ha... prosecution collective **Gash:** and a strategy group to direct the collective **Liberal:** Oh - THIS ... method of execution......imagine it on film} {a group of vegans beating santa to death with defrosted t
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nasty goblins with ice swords. Fail to recruit a group of men. // ==== 25th May ==== //Travel back to ... t Continued.// ==== 16th March ==== Electing a group of six, Francesca, Cohen, Hobo, Maragaret, Florez... arrows. Charging through the woods he runs into a group of orcs that pepper him with crossbow bolts. Thro... nuary - still recovering from New Year - no games group today.// ===== The 2009 Sessions ===== ==== 15t
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’m thinking of staring an access-space based film group Do you think that’s a good idea? What would you ... do you think should happen during a typical film group meeting? * Watching films made by the meeting’... s * Rehearsals * When could you get to a film group meeting? (evening, afternoon, weekend, etc) * ... There may also be an on-line section to the film group. Should it include: - * A database of everyone
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0pm till 10.30pm and are part of the larger Games Group. We want new members and welcome everyone from c
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