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The limited data obtained from the questionnaires has meant that much of the information used to write this case study has been taken from my interview with Andy Abbott and the Black Dogs's website. Whil... .org/index.php?/project/participants/). The group has produced over 15 projects in the past six years, ... ing occasional publications. Much of our activity has been driven by a DIY ethos and attitude; if the i
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s. Published in 1985 it's very easy to learn, and has a traditional, old-school Dungeons and Dragons fe... with a constant feud with a neighbouring village has made him come to enjoy fighting. Preferred weapon... organisation seeking to subdue the wildlands. She has just been rescued from the clutches of a band of ... times wields a quarterstaff, sometimes a longbow. Has returned to complete his apprenticeship. === Non-
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as Mozaz. He was the founder of Urbanparanoia and has been instrumental in formulating Unweshed ideolog... Zomaz//. ===== Access Space ===== Access Space has been called the //Cradle of Deedahism//[*]. Origi... te and access space! Over the years the **space** has morphed into a creative recycled technology media... In an unparalleled piece of performance art Jake has set out to live life as a thunderbird puppet, eve
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he moment of enlightenment our Earth, our Mother, has been exploited by the caretakers of her earth. O... Towers of Tinsley. Urban and Bucolic exploration has placed us back in touch with the earth and now we... s. He showed each species and subspecies of plant has its own pattern. He scientifically proved that tr... he moment of enlightenment our Earth, our Mother, has been exploited by the caretakers of her earth. O
games_group:diplomacy: 6 Hits
he rear (with Italian support). * Archduke Adam has packed up his extensive dice collection and is aw... r the deadline. Correct orders are below. The map has been revised - press reload on your browser if yo... English fleet. Foreign Minister Francis Delacroix has gone on record to say "Together we could have hel... continent of Europe appears to be spreading, and has included land battles as well as naval engagement
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/(everyone else helps liberal stop Santa - nobody has any luck until Floater uses a cattle prod)// **S... ** nowt profound about my old fruit......Ape kind has no argument with Santa. There's no Christmas in ... ry, and the Afro Chav was born. More recently he has used underpants to highlight the decline in wildl... :** look fuck the turkeys **Pagan:** has been known **Gash:** the pigs'll be here soon *
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thing Verb say_to When act Check act Has can_talk Else "You can't talk to that." Do... ery thing Verb ask When act Check act Has can_talk Else "You can't talk to that." ... ry thing Verb tell When act Check act Has can_talk Else "You can't talk to that." ... ng Verb talk_to When topic Check act Has can_talk Else "You can't talk to that." Do
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where. NAME alien. is not takeable. is shootable. has health 50. has dex 0. has genevaconv 0. DESCRIPT... ct at gun_deck. NAME box. Container. is openable. has cat_status 0. DESCRIPTION "In the corner of the
games_group:dw_log: 4 Hits
en to believe that a magical dagger they discover has healing properties. ==== 16th February ==== All... her prisoners. He meets Margaret. Meanwhile, Hobo has found Amgrax within the ancient ziggurat - but th... ective member of the Company of Silverminers, and has been captured by the orcs in a previous incident.... ptain Bedford reveals that his recent log journal has been stolen and that an attack is imminent. He re
games_group:werewolf: 4 Hits
le. The players are inhabitants of a village that has become infested by werewolves. Evevry night, the ... ntial Villagers ===== === Villager === A villager has no special abilities or powers, other than their ... target. === Innocent Child === The innocent child has sleep issues, and so is also allowed to open thei... thus preventing their deaths. === Cupid === Cupid has the ability to designate two people, at the start
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