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l concepts of crime and punishment will not apply here **judge:** Silence in court! **floater:** he’s ... beral:**</del>**Pagen:** <del>we need some system here. </del>in the vegan women's group we used a metho... t before. <del>**Liberal:** were going off point here...</del> <del>**pagan:** good point</del> **Lib... les a security-cam)// **Gash:** the pigs will be here soon and they'll set the bastard free **Floater:
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is the Bridge. The main controls for the ship are here. Usually the Captain sits in the middle and the N... PTION "There appears to have been an explosion here. I don't think any of the weapons are still usabl... he living quarters for the entire crew. My bed is here. It's kind of uncomfortable, but I lived in Sorby... only a scalpel. I can't find any useful supplies here. Doors lead east and northeast. An elevator leads
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s of your own to share, you’re invited to join us here. In the old days of urban paranoia co dot uk we h... er Earth, with the absence of the urbanparanoia. Here you will find images of what we are losing, how t... also helping our trees to be healthy. So get off here and go hug a tree You can contact and keep up to... s of your own to share, you’re invited to join us here. In the old days of urban paranoia co dot uk we h
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ningful name that ends in _01. * Create a page here (ie another link in "The Games" section of this p... the other player(s) know you've posted your image here. * Wrap the game up when you've finished creati... ] [[five]] Please feel free to start a new game here. ===== Resources ===== [[resources]] - useful ... mp Tennis games. Leave stuff that might be useful here. ===== Tips, hints and help ===== Here are som
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p an interactive fiction group. We're hoping that here we can get together some web resources to help wi... ed **surrender.i**. It can be found [[surrender.i|here]]. It causes some problems with the use of the wo... cool idea for an IF project why not summarise it here?// * **Call-Centre Warriors** - Ever get the f... he next room etc. ===== Posters and Logo ===== Here's the poster for the first IF Group meeting, sche
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ns of techno-trash! ==== LOSS Livecode 2007 ==== Here's some additional documentation of the LOSS LiveC... ffield in July 2007. The main festival website is here: [[]] * [[live... , Trevor. **Apologies**: Richard B, TJ, Theo P. Here are the [[minutes_200804|minutes of the meeting]]... ine to see who's been writing about Access Space. Here's [[othersitesaboutus|what they say]]. ===== Ot
if:getstarted: 4 Hits|here]], but it's likely to change as the version numbe... tp://|here]], but it's likely to change as the version numbe... e called ''man'' and put help documents in there. Here's a look in my alan3 directory: <code> alan3 |-- ... d to tell how large it is... Whatever might be in here?" EXIT south TO first_room END EXIT. END THE da
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subject&mediatype=movies&collection=stock_footage|here]] ** [[|THE FREESOUN... site." - [[|quoted from here]] While your video is on You Tube it is effectiv...|quoted from here]] Not so bad, maybe. ** [[|B... to your contribution worldwide." [[|quoted from here]]
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==== LOSS Livecode July 2007: Gallery 2 ====== //Here's another gallery of images from the [[http://liv... web pages and reports on the festival. If you got here first, don't forget to check out the other Livecode Galleries [[livecode:livecodegal1|here]] and [[livecode:livecodegal3|here]]. Images on the page w
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