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rrent working directory (''~'' means the same as /home/username), and ''$'' is your prompt. On some rare... ername. * ''ls'' Displays the contents of your home folder. * ''cdparanoia -B && oggenc *.wav && r... choose, you will almost certainly be in your [[wp>home directory]]. To check where you are, you may run ... ste the text in, and then save the file in your **home folder** as '''' **NOTE!** The file
open_surgery:start: 3 Hits
vernment's [[|Next Step Careers Advice]] site and [[http:/... n you save your CV, make sure you save it to your home folder. The template in home/public should remain
games_group:chess: 2 Hits
Chess Group ===== [[|The Access Space Online Chess Group]... e limit so that people without internet access at home will be able to avoid timing out. Players of all
script:santa: 2 Hits
what? **Santa:** We had venison when we reached home. **Gash:** Waste not want not! **Pagan:** Actua... hristmas........</del> **Santa:** u fools!!! my home at the North Pole is melting! and all u can do is
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soundbox:soundbox: 2 Hits
Space we encourage you to download best quality, home grown, 100% organic, creative commons licenced __... nised, and save the tracks in a directory in your home space temporarily, before you send them to Soundb
pretentious:pretentious: 2 Hits
to do. As all our Middle Class wannabes have gone home to Mommy and Daddy, others are busy doing their j... It was only one of us others was in New York, at home with Mommy and Daddy. So we needed your help. We
capc: 2 Hits
uk we had a reading page we aim to bring it back home meantime enjoy our last few years of simply takei... uk we had a reading page we aim to bring it back home meantime enjoy our last few years of simply takei
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