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Interactive Fiction Group

Interactive Fiction Group

At Access Space several people have expressed an interest in interactive fiction, so we thought we'd set up an interactive fiction group. We're hoping that here we can get together some web resources to help with authoring. Then we can have some meetings and/or hack sessions to get some text adventures working.


There are lots of frameworks for developing interactive fiction. The problem is that many of them are really hard, so you have to be into programming before you can get started. There are also a bunch of systems which used to be heavily used, but aren't currently in development.

It should be our policy to standardise what system we use, so we can all learn from each other. We could even develop rooms in a single adventure, which we could then paste together into a “House of fun” or something.

We've currently opted to use and advocate the ALAN3 language.






Next Meeting (TBC)

We've been a bit slack since the Spring, and we haven't met up.

* I suggest that we recruit some web server experts to help us get this up and running, and that this be the focus of the next meeting, date TBC. What do you think?

Code Snippets


for example

the orange isa  object
name an orange
the food isa object
name some food

This is explained better in pages 85 and 86 of the Alan manual.

For example:

event dotexplode

"The yellow dot mysteriously explodes and reassembles itself."

schedule dotexplode after 5.

end event.

Will make the yellow dot explode every five steps.




In a general spirit of share and share alike, if you have a cool idea for an IF project why not summarise it here?

Here's the poster for the first IF Group meeting, scheduled for 5pm at Access Space on Tuesday, December 11th.

IF Group 11th December

Following some really positive responses :-) to the first IF Group poster (everyone liked Alice!) I made a logo, and a plain logo that you could paste into your own images. I've tried to make the images feel more “quirky literature” than “spacemen and trolls”.

IF Group first poster IF Group logo IF Group plain logo

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