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Add To Every thing
  has genevaconv 0.
End Add To thing.

Add To Every actor
  has genevaconv 1.
End Add To actor.

surrender_to = surrender 'to' (act)!
  Where act Isa thing
else say the Act. "doesn't observe the Geneva Convention."

Add To Every thing
  Verb surrender_to
    When act
      Check act Has genevaconv = 1
        Else say the Act. "doesn't observe the Geneva Convention."
	if food not in hero then

 say the Act. "binds your wounds and gives you some food."
 locate food in hero.
"Don't scrounge off." say the Act.

end if.

End Verb.
End Add To.

The food Isa object
NAME  slice of chocolate cake
is edible.
end the food.
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