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d.php'': $lang['js']['nosmblinks'] = ''; ==== Image Links ==== You can also use an image to link to ... net|{{wiki:dokuwiki-128.png}}]] Please note: The image formatting is the only formatting syntax accepted... link names. The whole [[#images_and_other_files|image]] and [[#links|link]] syntax is supported (including image resizing, internal and external images and URLs and interwiki links). ===== Footnotes ===
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ame where two (or more) people take start with an image and make alterations to it, using the GIMP. The image is passed from one player to the next. The game ends after ten or so passes, or when everyone ... ollage. ===== How to play ===== * Pick a nice image. * Give your image a meaningful name that ends ... e Games" section of this page. Post this original image on your new page. * Take turns to transform, a
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Play: ===== A game for two or more players. An image is passed from one player to the next. Players make alterations to the image, then reload it. The game ends when the image is complete. * Download t... or other means to transform, add-to, and warp the image * Give your image a new name and include your cr... splayed on this site (unless inappropriate) This image size: 800×600 pixels Please only use your own dr
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k | May 1995 - The Future of Interactivity |//The image is collaged squares from a 1995 technology magazi... , democratizing spirit is re-emerging. I felt the image of Che Guevara was really appropriate to express this. It's also an iconic image in the public domain.// | | 06. | Vicky Harding | Cow in a Pasture |... u don't want to be seen - it's a negation of your image, of your humanity.// | | 29. | Lee Campbell | Gor
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ately selecting areas of images is a key skill in image manipulation. There is a variety of selection to... ing ===== When you've cut out something from one image that you would like to paste onto another image: ... selection to make it fit in better with the main image. Try altering hue and saturation, and brightness
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ipts to do what **you** actually want (like batch image processing.) This guide is not designed to teach... ing those you wouldn't normally think of, such as image and sound manipulation). === Why is it called th... 's talk about what the shell can do for you. Take image manipulation, surely the domain of graphical prog
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holas:nickintro:text|text]] [[nicholas:nickintro:image|image]] [[
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a. //Opening credits, using an upside-down world image and the title "DEEDAH NEWS THE TRIAL OF SANTA"/
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s for various public events at Access Space. This image is one from his Not-Sheffield series slideshow. T... is displays a series of images collected using an image search engine using //Sheffield// as a search ter
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n by writing it into the ''title'' section of the image metadata on the image manager. This only works wi
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