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distinguish between. Rich explained that he and James are currently working on a package installation p... quired and tidy up the system for users. //Rich/ James to report back at next user meeting.// ** We're ... s Space and to see more lessons being organised. James gave a summary of the ethos of Access Space i.e. ... this is an issue that has been raised a few times James suggested he organise a workshop on how to get fu
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second meeting was held on Tuesday, 15th January. James, Kate, Harriet, Steve and Scott all took part. The session was really productive. * James gave an introductory guide to how to make a minimal IF ... ing sound into an IF story. === DECEMBER === * James has been looking into ALAN3 more, and working on ... s downloaded ALAN3 and started experimenting. * James has created a poster, this wiki page, and set up
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====== James Wallbank ====== ===== Blind Drawings Of James Wallbank ===== {{gallery>:blinddrawing?jw_*?lightbox}} ===== Blind Drawings By James Wallbank ===== {{gallery>:blinddrawing?*_jw*?lightbox}} ===== How James Wallbank connects ===== <graphgearjs name="Blind Drawing", width="725", viewmode="... blinddrawingusers:hl" color="00008b"]; jw [label="James Wallbank" url="http://localhost/~martyn/access-sp
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====== Blind Drawing : James Wallbank ====== ===== Pictures of James Wallbank ===== {{gallery>blind_drawings:jw_?*.png&lightbox}} ===== Pictures by James Wallbank ===== {{gallery>blind_drawings:?*_jw.png&lightbox}} ===== James Wallbank's Network ===== please work source <source data/pages/blind_dr... <graphgear label="Blind Drawing Network around James Wallbank"> jw -> jw; <source data/pages/blind_dra
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ion and the collective appropriation of space. ==James Wallbank - Ten Years in Ten Minutes!== In celebr... tion of Access Space's 10th birthday we asked CEO James Wallbank to present ten years of Access Space in just ten minutes! The usually verbose James successfully met the time limit and offered us a glimpse... development and participants through the years. James set up Access Space in 2000 and transformed the s
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ix years, utilising diverse techniques and media. James Hill (a member of the group) described their work... r simply use photography to document a project.” (James Hill, from his email response to my questionnaire... mbers of BDs (none 6) have started taking a lead. James Hill and Bryony did so for the DIY survival Kit a... med to be heavily driven by the likes of Micheal, James and others. This all said however, there are (f
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e are 61 Pictures in this year's 20x20 2011 - 17. James Wallbank "Portrait of the Artist as a social medi... sent**: Adam M, Anita, Callum, Cy, Harriet, Jake, James W, Javid, John K, Jim M, Hannah, Jose, Mike H, Re
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k? ===== 01. Mike Howe - Elder Clark 02. Jacqui James - Snail **Collected 4th Nov JW** 03. Trevor Toml... nder - A Tree **Collected 3rd Nov by JW JW** 05. James Wallbank - May 1995 - The Future of Interactivity... Parallel 6 26. Emma Woodrow - Covehyth Tree 27. James Price - drawing a blank **Collected 4th November
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from recycyled computer cases.// | | 02. | Jacqui James | Snail | | | 03. | Trevor Tomlin | Occular Pres... | | 04. | Patrick Gillender | A Tree | | | 05. | James Wallbank | May 1995 - The Future of Interactivity... | 26. | Emma Woodrow | Covehyth Tree | | | 27. | James Price | drawing a blank | | | 28. | Richard Bake
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]. Originally yoga-fanatic and would-be astronaut James Wallbank created the space as a place where creat... formerly known as Mozaz (0742), Steve Withington, James Wallbank and Vladimir Putin. The origin of **Dee
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