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ogin_screens:june_2011:|{{:login_screens:june2011.jpg|}}]] [[login_screens:may_2011:|May 2011]] - Free... [login_screens:may_2011:|{{:login_screens:may2011.jpg|}}]] [[login_screens:april_2011:|April 2011]] - ... n_screens:april_2011:|{{:login_screens:april_2011.jpg|}}]] [[login_screens:march_2011:|March 2011]] - ... n_screens:march_2011:|{{:login_screens:march_2011.jpg|}}]] [[login_screens:february_2011:|February 201
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0%> {{:show_and_tell:show_and_tell_bookmark_2thin.jpg?500|}} **EVERY FOURTH FRIDAY AT ACCESS SPACE \\... WRAP round box bgred left> {{:show_and_tell:aland.jpg?300|}} {{:show_and_tell:aland2.jpg?300|}} {{:show_and_tell:richardb.jpg?|}} {{:show_and_tell:richardb2.jpg|}} </WRAP> ---- \\ ==MARCH 2010== =... round box bgred left> {{:show_and_tell:juliaeric1.jpg?300|}} {{:show_and_tell:s_julia_-1.jpg?300|}} {
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FE! {{:saturday_recovery:unscrew_the_chair_pads2.jpg?400|}} Clean the chairs pads in preparation for ... -covering. {{:saturday_recovery:clean_the_pads22.jpg|}} ===== Cutting out the pattern: ===== Choos... erned). {{:saturday_recovery:prepare_the_fabric2.jpg|}} Draw around the pattern for each piece using ... e. {{:saturday_recovery:draw_around_the_pattern2.jpg|}} {{
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m 1 minute to 6 minutes: {{:cyanoweek3ruthie1pt2.jpg|{{:cyanoweek3ruthie1pt2.jpg|}} You can see that... result was at 3 minutes: {{:cyanoweek3ruthie2pt2.jpg|{{:cyanoweek3ruthie2pt2.jpg|}} In the morning M... re some action shots from the process: {{:mike33.jpg|{{:mike33.jpg|}} {{:mike22.jpg|{{:mike22.jpg|}} {{:mike11.jpg|{{:mike11.jpg|}} {{:mike44.jpg|{{:mike44.jpg|}} {{:mike55.jpg|{{:mike55.jpg|}}
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ine viewing. * ''convert -resize 640 big_photo.jpg small_photo.jpg'' Make a copy of a large photo called **big_photo.jpg** which is small enough for attaching to an email or putting online. The old ph... s kept, and the new photo is called **small_photo.jpg**. * ''cal'' Display a calendar for the curren... ), they probably have weird names like ''P1003501.JPG'' or ''DSC1012.JPG''. It makes sense to your came
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x bgyellow left> **outbox**\\ [[outbox:|{{:outbox.jpg |}}]] Interactive digital montage projects. </WRA... -_portrait_of_the_artist_as_a_social_media_avatar.jpg?200 |}}]] There are 61 Pictures in this year's 2... **\\ [[Open Surgery:|{{:open_surgery_poster_small.jpg?200 |}}]] Open Surgery offers advice and support ... > **Games Group**\\ [[games_group:|{{:games_night.jpg?100 |}}]] The games group meets in Access Space
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galiceblue left> [[pixeldust:|{{:ensigncarbines.jpg?60x60|Ensign Carbines}}]] </WRAP> ---- ... . <WRAP round box bgaliceblue left> {{:sepia.jpg?200x300|Mother in Sepia}} </WRAP> **//Then the... AP round box bgaliceblue left> {{:ensigncarbines.jpg?200x200|Ensign Carbine}}{{:yashicamats.jpg?200x200|Yashica Mat}}{{:fugifims.jpg?200x200|Fugifilm}} </WRAP> **//I still have some of these cameras.
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ington Started 01/12/09 {{:gimp_tennis:tony_01.jpg|original image}} {{:gimp_tennis:tony_02.jpg|firs... ges by Steve Withington}} {{:gimp_tennis:tony_03.jpg| second change by Eric Winnert}} {{:gimp_tennis:tony_04.jpg| third changes by Steve Withington}} {{:gimp_tennis:tony_05.jpg| fourth changes by Henry Withington}} {{:gimp_tennis:tony_06.jpg| fifth change by Eric Winnert}} {{:gimp_tennis:tony_07.j
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its multi-faceted glory. {{deedah:anarchosimian.jpg|}} ===== 0742 ===== Deedahist artist formerly k... a strange jewelled fascination//. {{deedah:bufo.jpg|}} [[]] ===== Collectabl... est type to be. ===== Fatwa ===== {{deedah:kyle.jpg |}} On the 18th January 2008 Carlos Barcode issu... === Futcher Shock ===== {{deedah:futcherfanzine3.jpg |}} Anarchosimian electroleptic rave metal VJ f
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k left> [[Operational Art:|{{:tanks_prohibited.jpg?60x60|Operational Art?}}]] </WRAP> ====== Oper... that? ===== ==== Art? ==== {{:tanks_prohibited.jpg?200x200|}} ==== Art of War? War of Art? ===... **\\ <WRAP round box bgblack left> {{:nakedmen.jpg?500x380|}} </WRAP> Sun Tzu's Art of War [[http:... RAP round box bgblack right> {{:sushi_invasions.jpg?400x400|}} </WRAP> === Bullshit or not? === Po
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===== The Office ====== {{:gimp_tennis:office_01.jpg| original image}} {{:gimp_tennis:office_02.jpg| ... nges Steve Withington}} {{:gimp_tennis:office_03.jpg| second changes Patrick Amber}} {{:gimp_tennis:office_04.jpg| third changes SW}} {{:gimp_tennis:office_05.jpg| forth changes PA}} {{:gimp_tennis:office_06.jpg| fifth changes SW}} {{:gimp_tennis:office_07.jpg| sixth changes PA}}
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====== More Ketchup ====== {{:outbox:my_cow.jpg|}} {{:outbox:roar.jpg|}} {{:outbox:Yum_COW.jpg|}} {{:outbox:jungle_cow.jpg|}} {{:outbox:extra_ketchup.jpg|}} {{:outbox:more_cows.jpg|}} {{:outbox:chomp.jpg|}}
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