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Here are some guidelines for your artwork for a log in screen

The work can be a photo, painting, drawing, absolutely anything so long as it is your own work.

Format:1024 x 768 jpg

White text should be readable over the bottom quarter of your artwork. If you're going to put some sort of logo or identifier on your work, don't place it in the bottom quarter.

Once you've done your artwork give it a meaningful name like 'yourname0409.jpg' and put it in /home/public/login_screens.

Making new artwork from artwork already submitted

You may wish to use one or more pieces of artwork already submitted to the login_screens folder to create an entirely new piece of artwork. Please seek permission from the owner of the artwork before doing this.


The first month (May 2009) was completely open. After that each month will have a theme suggested by Access Space participants. Please email your ideas for a theme to

Stuff that's not allowed

Please - no advertising or urls.

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