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black_dogs_case_study:start: 21 Hits
biased views on the work of the group. If I'd had more time, I would've used networks such as Leeds Visual Arts Forum to access more people who'd engaged with Black Dogs projects. Ideally, I would've liked to have to run an open access event to harness more diverse past audiences of Black Dogs projects and... s on Black Dogs. How far this occurs will provide more opportunities for the group and its audiences to
shellstuff:shellstuff: 12 Hits
be used for. If you read this and want to learn more, then there are many good guides out there that c... nlevels|Runlevel 5]], I try and include a link to more information (usually to the //Wikipedia// article... run ''ls -lh'', then it will list your files in a more informative fashion, showing the permissions, mod... seful things and give you an idea of how to learn more. If you want to learn how to use a command or pr
pretentious:pretentious: 10 Hits
sion; all of this ‘creativity’ amounts to nothing more than a clever distraction; a sleight of hand to k... ce a second (free to the gullible) calls may cost more on a mobile depending on postcode (i.e. S7 you ca... hical consumerism’ and our cowardly youth are far more interested in celebrity than society. C’mon kids,... hat we can’t fleece the poor just that little bit more; ‘City of God’ grossed $27 million worldwide, tha
script:santa: 7 Hits
ss, and tinsel and global destruction just to put more fucking crap under another pointlessly murdered t... ss, and tinsel and global destruction just to put more fucking crap under another pointlessly murdered t... aughter of turkish people. <del>i hear they want more of em in the Eu</del> <del>turkeys?</del> <del>... w a commercial break. //The scene ends with some more news-program graphics// ===== Scene 4: Commerc
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minutes_200804: 6 Hits
===== 3. TRAINING ===== Some of the group wanted more clarity on who teaches what in Access Space and to see more lessons being organised. James gave a summary of the ethos of Access Space i.e. to learn... 3 user meetings a year. Some of the group wanted more but Jim stated that with more frequent meetings w... bers. The following suggestions were made for a more regular event that weren't user meetings but woul
www:start: 4 Hits
online. Installing the template onto your site is more tricky and is something we will do for you, but u... colours and features of the template, but this is more a technical process which will require more advan... ll features as we go along and help you learn the more complex use of CSS in future. </WRAP> ===Templat
if:interactive_fiction_group: 4 Hits
nstall. * It works on Linux, Windows, MacOS and more. * The learning curve is quite shallow, so it's... ECEMBER === * James has been looking into ALAN3 more, and working on an interactive game. He's cracked... o respond to topics differently after being given more information. * I now have a random starting ... ur own images. I've tried to make the images feel more "quirky literature" than "spacemen and trolls". -
outbox:start: 4 Hits
o}} ===== How To Play: ===== A game for two or more players. An image is passed from one player to th... [[Nice Day for It|{{:outbox:swim_th.jpg |}}]] [[More Ketchup|{{:outbox:more_ketchup_th.jpg |}}]] [[T... jpg|}}]] \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ **Patrick Amber** See more at: Make friends
stretch:start: 4 Hits
ver time and be less demanding whilst running on more screens increasing the chances of people seeing i... words of a spacers page as a story. with a 'read more...' link. - Have a section of the page which pr... oftware to post things (specifically I'm thinking more general blogging software for less private but st... se for charities. I'm beinging to think something more organic might do the job. Also I think that some
games_group:diplomacy: 3 Hits
eeing that they would not be castrated like their more unruly brothers. * Kaiser Jim, whilst at a digi... ther neutral countries have been annexed by their more powerful neighbours. German and French forces cla... nest, criminal" government of Serbia with a "New, more progressive" regime. * Admiral Brendan announce
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