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''theo'' is your username and ''raindog'' is the name of the PC you are logged into (as displayed on th... mmand is simple a sentence, which begins with the name of a **program** or a shell **keyword**. It may a... e you with. When I mention a word, phrase of the name of a program which may not be self explanatory, s... , you can type ''cd'' followed by a space and the name of the directory you wish to enter. Commands are
if:source: 16 Hits
--------- -- Rooms The bridge Isa location NAME 'Bridge' DESCRIPTION "This is the Bridge. T... rs. End The bridge. The gun_deck Isa location NAME 'Gun Deck' DESCRIPTION "There appears to ha... nd The gun_deck. The engine_room Isa location NAME 'Engine Room' DESCRIPTION "The low hum of t... engine_room. The living_quarters Isa location NAME 'Living Quarters' DESCRIPTION "This is the
if:trap01.alan: 8 Hits
IS WEIGHT 20. IS armour. NAME chainmail. NAME armour. NAME mail... ------ THE lantern ISA OBJECT AT nowhere. NAME lantern. IS WEIGHT 5. IS shining.... -------- THE sword ISA OBJECT AT nowhere. NAME sword. IS WEIGHT 10. IS weapon. E... ----- THE backpack ISA OBJECT AT nowhere. NAME backpack. NAME rucksack. NAME pac
soundbox:soundbox: 7 Hits
, yes, you could have used soundbox's alternative name in the last step: ''ssh soundbox@mewtwo''.) It'll... ectories inside ''music''. If you see a directory name that looks interesting, change into it: ''cd Musi... of the directory, then press the ''TAB'' key. The name will fill in for you as if by magic! - **''ls''... re's about and hour or so of listening there. - Name your directory sensibly: if it's all one artist,
blinddrawinguserstemplate: 7 Hits
====== @@name@@ ====== ===== Blind Drawings Of @@name@@ ===== {{gallery>:blinddrawing?@@node@@_*?lightbox}} ===== Blind Drawings By @@name@@ ===== {{gallery>:blinddrawing?*_@@node@@*?lightbox}} ===== How @@name@@ connects ===== <graphgearjs name="Blind Drawing", width="725", viewmode="explore", ... e="@@date@@"]; @@dot@@ </graphgearjs> ---- dataentry template ---- Name: @@name@@ Node: @@node@@ ----
if:interactive_fiction_group: 4 Hits
food' in adventures so you may want to change the name of the object 'food'. * Items will be listed ... as 'an _', 'some _', 'the _' etc., add it in the name and list it as an article. for example <code> the orange isa object name an orange article </code> <code> the food isa object name some food arti
games_group:roleplaying: 4 Hits
expensive treasures to help bolster her families' name and standing among the nobles. Why she continues ... ntly on a quest with the heroes to help clear his name as a thief among the Highlands Exploration Company. His real name is unknown, but he pictures himself as the epitome of style and manliness. Currentl... n to find Amgrax once again in order to clear his name of theft. They venture out into the wild lands an
wiki:syntax: 3 Hits
ic section is possible, too. Just add the section name behind a hash character as known from HTML. This ... blocks in the previous section, but this time the name of the used language is inserted inside the tag. ... oad as well. You can to this by specifying a file name after language code like this: <code> <file php
if:getstarted: 3 Hits
------------------- THE first_room ISA LOCATION. NAME 'The First Room'. DESCRIPTION "You are in a sma... ------------- THE door ISA OBJECT AT first_room. NAME 'door'. IS closed. IS openable. IS closeable. ... ------------------- THE dark_space ISA LOCATION. NAME 'The Dark Space'. DESCRIPTION "This is an echoe
if:modhero: 3 Hits
blinddrawingusers:dh: 2 Hits
===== How Dan Hart connects ===== <graphgearjs name="Blind Drawing", width="725", viewmode="explore",... gusers:mae" color="8b7355"]; </graphgearjs> ---- dataentry template ---- Name: Dan Hart Node: dh ----
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