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presume to be nearby, but they decide against it. Next morning they set off west again, still mystified ... Exchanging gifts, the party sleeps safely and the next day they make their way West again, catching sigh... inged creatures with flaming, burning ichor. The next day the party encountered the people of a village... inor injuries. Continuing Southwards through the next day they arrive, exhausted, to find the White Kni
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corrupt. He's contacted the developers. ===== Next Meeting (TBC) ===== We've been a bit slack since... up and running, and that this be the focus of the next meeting, date TBC. What do you think? ===== Code... ure** A text adventure in which you can build the next step in the adventure by answering a series of questions about what you want to appear in the next room etc. ===== Posters and Logo ===== Here's t
games_group:werewolf: 4 Hits
e werewolves kill one of the inhabitants, and the next day the villagers (including the werewolves) have... , they may sometimes look at someone else, or the next person on depending on which rules are being used... caught, the werewolves will naturally target them next, whether to be hung or whether to be killed in th... , the other will commit suicide at the end of the next day or night. They cannot choose to kill the othe
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der// **Newsreader:** <del>Welcome to a</del>And next on Deedah News a World Exclusive Live Acoustic Li... winter **Gash:** theirs a Lapp dancing club rayt next to the Rutland **Pagan:** i never knew Sheffield... l Murder"?? - you guys will never get through the next ice-age. **Liberal:** cruelty to animals is wors
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friendly renewable resource. Mink swim suits, so next season. Camo, retro or still packing a punch? O... ns, the people are hardly aware that he exists. Next best is a leader who is loved. Next, one who is
games_group:roleplaying: 2 Hits
llage to lick their wounds and planned what to do next. === The Tomb – Part II === Our remaining heroe... ashed by a spirit and they wake up in a field the next day. Returning to the White Knight’s Castle, they
minutes_200804: 2 Hits
ystem for users. //Rich/ James to report back at next user meeting.// ** We're upgrading the system in... taff decision on fridge for events to made before next event.// //Anyone with electrician friends pass
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g to flesh out in a project taking place over the next three months.. "Black Dogs is an artist collec
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