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in court! **Gash:** for fucks sake //Gash rips off the judges wig, Gash, Floater, and pagan toss it ... called that before. <del>**Liberal:** were going off point here...</del> <del>**pagan:** good point</... l:** And? What happened? **Santa:** I fought it off with an ice-pick. **Liberal:** Then what? **San... free **Floater:** I hope all mobiles are turned off - MI5 r watching me **Pagan:** MI6 are witching
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games_group:dw_log: 9 Hits
but they decide against it. Next morning they set off west again, still mystified by how such a civiliz... prevailed, slaying two of the horrors and driving off another one which fooled them with an illusion. E... stiles. Nonetheless the characters resolve to set off Southeast to the well without delay. The rescued ... divides their spoils (somewhat unevenly) and sets off to the South, towards the White Knights Fortress.
pretentious:pretentious: 4 Hits
ly void of creativity. ‘The Full Monty’, ‘Brassed Off’, ‘Billy Elliot’, ‘Coronation Street’; we luuuuuu... which makes it doubly sad when they have to leach off the working class to improve their CVs. ===== Sh... outdoor gigs. No parties. No opportunities to get off it. Summer in Sheffield means classic car rallie... ot give a fuck, we can ask Mommy and Daddy to pay off the nasty drug dealer who is a blight on the work
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games_group:werewolf: 4 Hits
ote to decide who to hang in the hopes of killing off the werewolves before the werewolves kill off the villagers. The villagers win if they kill off all the werewolves, while the werewolves win if they kill off all the villagers before they are found out. With enough people, some villagers can reciev
shellstuff:shellstuff: 4 Hits
ve to type it in. This makes sense if it is a one off and you only want to do something to one file, bu... I have written a shell script which copies photos off my camera, renames them to something useful, and ... === Searching By Name === If you've saved a file off somewhere, and you can't remember where you put i... G images, but it can be anything. Since it strips off any prefix or suffix which may have been present
if:interactive_fiction_group: 3 Hits
fied a bug in ALAN3 which meant you couldn't take off items you'd put on. She emailed the developers an... ard library so that the hero can undress, or take off clothing items, edit invent.i so that **line 35**... son on the other end of the phone is just reading off a pre-prepared script? How about making a game wh
if:source: 2 Hits
lies under the bed. It appears she tried to fend off the alien using only a scalpel. I can't find any ... pace voyage, maybe hundreds of years, some of the off-duty crew members have gone into cryogenic freezi
capc: 2 Hits
are also helping our trees to be healthy. So get off here and go hug a tree You can contact and keep ... are also helping our trees to be healthy. So get off here and go hug a tree You can contact and keep
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