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by werewolves. Evevry night, the werewolves kill one of the inhabitants, and the next day the villager... hen the game begins. They are allowed to know who one another are, and all must agree on a victim befor... a tool used to allow the werewolves to learn who one another are before the voting for the first werew... ho is running the game. Sometimes they can choose one person and look at their card without their knowl
black_dogs_case_study:start: 11 Hits
ons to the group in two formats (see Appendix 1). One set of questions was designed as a questionnaire ... d two responded to the questions in a direct way. One further member responded to the answers of anothe... s...will create a series of works that feed in to one another to create a holistic art experience that ... nt an explicit structure for equal collaboration. One risk is over-specialisation: 'Over-specialization
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their work</del> **Santa:** There was only ever one injury. **Gash:** Oh yeah? **Santa:** One of my... re there?</del> **Liberal:** can we carpark that one.....while we decide who's gonna be in the sentenc... / **Santa:** can I have a defence? **Gash:** no one else gets a defence to defend themselves against ... wear range. Harvey Motley Successfully staged a one-man anticapitallist demonstration at natwaste tod
diy_knitting_machine:correx37_s_videos: 7 Hits
tp://|The mark one machine]] Correx37's first machine. ====== Poten... just a retired engineer. I am sure you could make one if you put your mind to it. I have used a drawer... he machine does a basic stockinette stitch, knit one row, purl one row. I hope this is of help. * _... t on the market and I am afraid I could not build one for you, as most of the machine is built from ju
shellstuff:shellstuff: 7 Hits
u have to type it in. This makes sense if it is a one off and you only want to do something to one file... ipt is nothing a but a plain text file containing one or more shell commands, however they can be very ... n also (as in the first script) use the output of one command as the input of another command with the ... a directory. Because ''ls'' will show the files (one per line), and ''wc -l'' will count how many line
soundbox:soundbox: 6 Hits
rompt where you can type. There are a hundred and one ways to do this, but here's one: when you're logg... s, dot-dot means "the directory that contains the one you're currently in".) - **''mplayer *.mp3''** ... re. - Name your directory sensibly: if it's all one artist, then name it the name of the artist. Use ... a shell and cd to the directory that contains the one that has your tracks in it. __Not the place where
saturday_recovery:step-by-step_guide: 6 Hits
jpg|}} Start with the base pad. Start by putting one staple in the middle of each side. One staple on the front, one in the back. Stretch the fabric to be sure there are no wrinkles or folds. Your four ... staples on each side. Don't do all the staples on one side. Do four or five, then turn and do four or f... ttle more tricky than the base. You will see that one side is much longer than the other three. Staple
gimp_tennis:start: 5 Hits
s to it, using the GIMP. The image is passed from one player to the next. The game ends after ten or s... creating your collaborative masterpiece. Games one and two used 800x600 pixel images. If you use lar... age you will need to download the correctly sized one, not one that has been resized by dokuwiki. ===== The Games ===== [[one]] [[two]] [[three]] [[four]] [[five]] Please feel free to start a n
pretentious:pretentious: 5 Hits
when they say bring on peak oil). Another reason one of us moved to London, along with all the cash we... de is now funding the travel around the world for one of us. We talked a good green argument, but who ... absolutely no intention of finishing. It was only one of us others was in New York, at home with Mommy ... ld by official crime statistics show Sheffield is one of UK’s safest cities, though we would never go t
minutes_200804: 4 Hits
from Mandriva 2007 / Mandria 2008 to Debian Etch. One of our aims during this upgrade is to make sure t... hos of Access Space i.e. to learn informally from one another and discussed the difficulties related to... tings, however this may prove difficult due to no-one regular at Access Space having these skills. //T... e. * Forums – Should we create an Access Space one or is the wiki enough? //Participants to discuss
stretch:start: 4 Hits
erventions is taken by anyone, unless a worker at one of the charities goes outside of their remit and ... bout moving the database to the cloud so everyone one worked on the same data. Now I'm wondering if at... g organisations or the jobcentre) and that's just one scheme) linking out to cv-lifeline? - Homelessn... o represent a holistic approach and be viral once one branch of professionals started guiding people to
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