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Emma Woodrow </WRAP> <WRAP box bgyellow left> **Open Surgery**\\ [[Open Surgery:|{{:open_surgery_poster_small.jpg?200 |}}]] Open Surgery offers advice and support with CV's, applications, letters and ot... working with digital images, from 11am-7pm, using open source software such as the GNU Image Manipulatio... o find out what spacers think about Access Space, open source and other stuff. It has a very short ques
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e most ubiquitous is the venerable **xterm**. To open xterm, **hit Alt-F2** and type ''xterm'', then press return. Pressing **Alt-F2** will open a //Run command...// dialogue on both **KDE** and **GNOME*... s on **tty7**. However there are 6 other consoles open which run only a shell. These are called **tty**s. If you want to open a **tty**, you can do this by pressing **Ctrl-Alt-F2**. This will throw you i
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ects. Ideally, I would've liked to have to run an open access event to harness more diverse past audienc... ished this case study as a wiki, which will allow open access to members of the public who may wish to d... community media lab, based on recycled hardware, open source software and a skill-sharing user group. P... llaborators as part of the group and hold regular open meetings so all members can have a say in the gro
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gery_poster.jpg?250 |}} ===== Basic skills for Open Office Writer===== If you are new to using compu... you with your writing. If you are new to using Open Office but have used writing programmes on Windows or MAC before, you will find that adjusting to Open Office can be quick and fairly easy. The layout i... /category_index/wordprocessing.html|TUTORIALS FOR OPEN OFFICE]] ===== Seeking Employment ===== It's a
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WRAP> Show and Tell is part of the Supported Open Access Programme \\ For more information email [[... ed/]] ==Richard Bolam - Time-lapse capture using Open Source Software for digital cameras== [[http://r... Space 10th Birthday Special!== ==Sam Vardy - Open Source Architecture== Sam Vardy presented his research around the notion of Open Source Architecture, which was generated through an Access Space R
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ame airlock. is not takeable. is openable. is not open. DESCRIPTION "Mounted in one wall is an airlock." verb OPEN DOES ONLY "The airlock door opens with a swish." LOCATE hero AT outer_space. schedu... litary stealth devices you have ever seen." verb open does only "You open the box." schedule schrodin
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T takeable. IS NOT locked. IS NOT open. VERB open CHECK "As you pry it open the whole floor gives way with a sickening lurch and you... . MAKE hero wet. END VERB open. END THE CHEST. ---------------- THE chainmail IS
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r the whole of the Middle Class? Phone lines now open Charles Saatchi- 0839 ur32daurt 1 Simon Cowell-... ng on postcode (i.e. S7 you cannot vote). This is open only to the Working Class. Phone now and you migh... to, that we’ve built an earthly paradise that is open to anyone – if you just work hard enough for it.
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ster_small.jpg?400|}} Some useful resources for Open Surgery: ==== Basic OpenOffice skills ==== ===
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- look.i | |-- meta.i | |-- nowhere.i | |-- open.i | |-- people.i | |-- push.i | |-- put.i |... ed THEN "The door is closed." ELSE "The door is open." END IF. -------------------------- VERB open DOES MAKE door NOT closed. END VERB. VERB close DOES MAKE door closed. END VERB. ----------
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