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Basic skills for Open Office Writer

If you are new to using computers for writing letters or other documents, you may find it easier to talk to a member of staff who will give you a simple induction and help you with your writing.

If you are new to using Open Office but have used writing programmes on Windows or MAC before, you will find that adjusting to Open Office can be quick and fairly easy. The layout is very similar and many of the same tools and functions can be found on the toolbar, just with different icons!

The best way to familiarise yourself with the software can just be playing around with a sample text. If you want to do something specific with your text and you're not quite sure how to do it, just ask Charlotte, Ruthie or Steve. If you want to do more in depth tutorials independently, and you find reading instructions on the screen easier than getting help from another person then you can find a useful breakdown of tools and actions at this website: TUTORIALS FOR OPEN OFFICE

Seeking Employment

It's always useful to talk with people about what you want to find and what you're struggling with, so please don't hesitate to stop Charlotte, Ruthie or Steve chat about where you're at with your search and anything that's getting in your way.

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Careers Advice

At Access Space we are not trained careers advisers. If you are just starting out and need help finding the right career for you, we reccomment visiting:

Job Centre Plus Sheffield Cavendish Court Jobcentre Plus
Cavendish Court
9 Bank Street
South Yorkshire
United Kingdom
S1 2DR
Telephone: 0845 604 3719
Textphone: 0114 2419783

Connexions (Young People)
Sheffield Futures
Star House
43 Division Street
S1 4GE
Tel: 0114 201 2800
Freephone information line: 0800 652 9900
Connexions Direct: 0800 800 132 19

Useful websites include the Government's Next Step Careers Advice site and Career Planning site as well as Prospects.

However, we can offer support in looking in the right places for the right job for you, and support you informally.


We can help you write a CV at Access Space.
The first thing to do when trying to write a CV is to think about your skills and personal qualities that would make you a good employee. These include skills that you have picked up in work or education/training, but also include skills you have developed in your everyday life. Find ideas for Life Skills by clicking here.

We have created a CV template for an imaginary person, that might help you format your own. You can add your own information to each section. The template we've used below is a 'Performance CV' template - the standard CV used by most people which highlights your previous jobs and experience.


When you save your CV, make sure you save it to your home folder. The template in home/public should remain blank.

However, if you are just finishing education, or don't have much previous work experience, a performance CV might not be the right kind of CV for you. You might best suit a skills focused CV, an academic CV or an electronic CV; we can help you with this.

Covering Letters

Many jobs will ask for a covering letter. This needs to be a typed A4 letter stating in more detail why you are interested in the job, what you could offer and how you relate to the values and ethos of the organisation. THIS NEEDS TO BE SPECIFIC TO EACH SEPARATE JOB VACANCY, ONE LETTER CAN'T BE USED FOR ALL APPLICATIONS.

Prospects offer some useful detailed advice on writing covering letters here.

We can also help you write this, but you will need to have thought through these areas:
# Your interest in and knowledge of the company
# Employment experience and personal qualities that are unique to you
# Additional information that does not fit easily into a CV
# Any personal circumstances or anomalies in your application.


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