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ls that you will probably end up using. There are other fine guides which do this, and they may be found ... ng. This is by using a //terminal emulator//. The other way is through a [[ n. The GUI runs on **tty7**. However there are 6 other consoles open which run only a shell. These are c... ng the [[wp>Bash]] shell, though some systems use other shells, such as [[wp>Zsh]] and [[wp>Ksh]]. Most s
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[doku>Interwiki]] links. These are quick links to other Wikis. For example this is a link to Wikipedia's ... [doku>Interwiki]] links. These are quick links to other Wikis. For example this is a link to Wikipedia'... n make a horizontal line: ---- ===== Images and Other Files ===== You can include external and interna... pre-defined characters or strings into images or other text or HTML. The text to image conversion is ma
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s character is only ever seen separate from the 5 other characters. Santa (Dan Hart) Liberal or Judge (... never cruel to my reindeer. **Pagan:** There are other types of trial we could use... several tribes hav... ges wig, Gash, Floater, and pagan toss it to each other <del>with the help of floater</del>// **Pagan:**... del>**Pagan:** ok - no cruelty to reindeer - what other charges were there?</del> **Liberal:** can we ca
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and support with CV's, applications, letters and other written documents using free software from [[http... spacers think about Access Space, open source and other stuff. It has a very short questionnaire, so it ... n]] - sprite comic inspired by Chrono Trigger and other classic video games. * [[http://spacers.lowt... re's [[othersitesaboutus|what they say]]. ===== Other Places ===== * [[http://knowhow.access-space.o
capc: 6 Hits
ith love, understanding and basic kindness to all other primates along with this earth we live upon. Fro... e have not only failed our Earth, our Mother, but other primates and living creatures, we have become sel... the basic ethics of Nihililism and treating each other as an equal no matter their process of evolution,... ith love, understanding and basic kindness to all other primates along with this earth we live upon. Fro
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== A villager has no special abilities or powers, other than their voting rights for who to kill at the e... rally, are unaware of who is or isn't a werewolf, other than themselves. === Mayor === The mayor generall... night. === Healer === A healer can designate one other player at the start of the night, without that pl... tart of the game, to be lovers. Should one or the other of a pair die, the other will commit suicide at t
games_group:dw_log: 5 Hits
a deadly magical book. Started arguing with each other. Destroyed the book, healed.// ==== 23rd March ... g. Hiding in nearby woods, their cheer at meeting other members of the Highland Exploration Company is ec... ly questioned, and is thrown into a compound with other prisoners. He meets Margaret. Meanwhile, Hobo has... erpower their guards and escape, along with three other miners. Cohen and Francesa hide the horses in an
black_dogs_case_study:start: 4 Hits
t times it’s led by a couple of individuals...and other people might not be involved in it at all or they... d maximise individual and group development. The other risk to the development of creative teams that B... this was something that was also being raised by other collaborators and that BDs were on the brink of c... as I think we have to appreciate that is how many other people find out about us or come to ‘know’ what w
stretch:start: 4 Hits
ically the version that uses salesforce which has other advantages as well but is closed code). Then I t... aving of output formats for that data to fit with other peoples systems. need rss feeds or emails alerts... isation to start). Would have to have an api for other software to post things (specifically I'm thinkin... itoring may be very good for some people. ===== Other Ideas / Problems wanted ===== ==== Enabling techn
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dw_log|Dragon Warriors]] campaign); [[chess]] and other board games, run by Steve. As well, each week we... ght out for a mere 20p a session. We also talk of other interesting games, and play some of them on occas... rds|Card Games]] * [[:pyramid_games|Pyramid Games]] * [[interesting_game|Other Interesting Games]]
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